Run, Forrest, Run!

I just signed Boom and I up for

and it starts tomorrow! Bright and early at 6am (we will need to get there a little bit early to get our wristbands – I guess they have all their runners wear a wristband, so that if something happens, they will know who is it).

I have never really participated in a running training group. In RIC, I did do speed workouts for a couple months, but that was a free deal. I’ve definitely never paid to run in a group. So it should be interesting. Boom will be doing the marathon training and I will do the half-marathon training. I hear there are hundreds of people that do the Kenyan Way, so hopefully it will be a good way to meet some peeps.

I also signed us up for

This way, we will have something on the calendar to train for.  Yarbs says Dallas is actually pretty cold in December, but that is ok.  Better cold than too hot.  Hopefully it will not be raining!  Boom is also signed up to do the Houston Marathon in January, but the half-marathon sold out before I signed up. I’ve never run White Rock, so am excited to do so! And maybe get to see some Dallas friends when we are up there. I think Josephine and Yarbs are also running (the marathon and half marathon, respectively), so Marm and Dad should be out cheering for us!

Since I am just doing the half marathon training, I will be able to focus more on speed, rather than just finishing. I am quite excited! and between all this running, Seals, and tennis, I should become a lean Tingaling in no time! Time for the buddha (aka muffin top) to go away!


2 responses to “Run, Forrest, Run!

  1. When is the White Rock race? My toe hurts!

  2. I just put the white rock race on my calendar – that is right by us and you are welcome to stay with us if you would like! We will definitely be here that weekend – since we leave for Aus/NZ 5 days later! Can’t wait to see you guys….sign yourselves up for 2 cheerleaders at the finish line. 🙂

    Boom – it’s Dec. 14!

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