Third Try’s The Charm

On Friday, I attempted to make some more buckets. (I know, I know – too many buckets!) I asked Helly for some advise on how to make sure the innards were not too small for the outer fabric. Wisely, she told me to cut both the inside and outside fabrics the same size. Then when it is time to fit the inside felt in, I can always trim it down – better to be bigger and trim down than to start out too small, since there is nothing you can do when the inside is too small (well, I guess you could trim down the outside fabric, anyway…).

Here are the two smaller buckets I made:

The pink one is perfect! I am giving it to Yarbs, since she wants one. (Lucky girl!)

I followed Helly’s sage advice to the T and it worked! But I did have to trim it down a few times, so I decided to make the next felt innard with a larger seam allowance.

The blue inside ended up being too small (again), so I put 2 little pleats on either side. The pleats at least look a little intentional, so that is better. I will just do what I did with the pink innards from now on.

Next go ’round I am going to make the base a bit more square, so the buckets are more round rather than oval. There really are endless possibilities with these bad boys!


2 responses to “Third Try’s The Charm

  1. oooh, can’t wait to see mine in person!


    hee hee…. glad they worked a little better for you this time around!

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