Craft Monday: Altering T-shirts

It all started with a book:

Yarbs had purchased this (extremely random) book maybe a year ago and wanted to do some projects out of it, since she has a plethora of t-shirts for some reason.

So here are the one-of-a-kind, couture pieces that Yarbs ended up with…

(Scrunch) It Girl

Before (boring, too big, lifeless, etc)

During (hard at work!)


It turned out really cute!  I really like the contrast stitching we added.

Unfort, not all of our attempts turned out as cute…

Yarbs in the Hood(ie)

Cuttin’ It Up

This one wasn’t too bad – I nipped in the sides so it was a bit more fitted for her.  It was a no-sew project, so the raw edges made it seem a bit unfinished.  Didn’t help that the cutter (Yarbs) cut a bit unevenly…

One of the most successful designs (and also very timely) was this one:

Beijing, Baby



Cute halter!  And we made the back the front, which I really like.

Altering t-shirts is not my favorite sewing activity, but it was good to try something new.  I realized that sewing is not really a communal activity, thus not all that well suited for Craft Monday.

Next week we are going to work on some mini-albums, so I really need to get all my photos uploaded and printed out.  Sigh – even now I have homework!  But it will be good – as I have many mini-books that I need to use up.


2 responses to “Craft Monday: Altering T-shirts

  1. Love all those photos! Hee hee – thanks for all the help with the tees 🙂

  2. WOW! I have that book, but I haven’t had the guts to jump in and try anything yet. It’s so awesome to see that you created FOUR great t-shirt transformations … and they are all different. I’m so impressed!

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