Weekend Wrap-up

Saturday morning was the first Kenyan way run for Boom and I.  There were a ton (maybe 100 – 200) of runners and it was kinda chaotic before everyone stepped off.  You had to pick your goal pace and then go stand by the sign with your goal pace on it – Boom and I went for the 3:45 goal pace.  And our group was big!  It was weird, running with all these people I did not know.  Anyway, the full loop was 10 miles, but since I am just coming back, I ran only 7 – to the 2nd water stop and back.  It was  nice to have liquids before, during and after the run!  And it was really great when I turned around, since only a few people did so, it really made my running group much smaller.  And I met a couple nice ladies that I will see next weekend.

But after that run, you would have thought I had just finished a marathon and not just 7 miles by how tired and hungry I was!  It was kinda amazing.  I ate a ton on Saturday – and by dinner, finally felt satiated.

With the start of the Olympics (YAY!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympics!), it was a really great weekend to just laze around and watch TV.  I am not a big TV watcher, but the exception is every four years for the Olympics.  I just love it!  Everything about it – we even watched weightlifting and other random sports.  And I loved every minute of it!

But, I do get to feeling a little lazy and guilty for just watching TV and not doing something more constructive with my time.  So I usually have projects going on while I am watching TV.  This weekend, I got a little tutorial crazy.  I remembered seeing a tutorial for making felt daisys (thanks, futuregirl, for the tut! as a side note, I have purchased her Supercute Sea Creatures patterns for felt, and they really are supercute!), and since I had a lot of felt scraps, I thought it would be a good project to do during commercials, or events that I am not really, REALLY into.  Here is what I ended up with:

29 felt “daisies”!  And clearly I used up every last scrap, since who has ever heard of gray flowers?  Boom was all, What are you going to do with these things?  And I was like, Well, not sure – but once I figure it out, at least they will all be made!

My felt ran out before all the events did on Sunday (and I had a sore neck from yogidy earlier that morning), so I needed another, fairly stationary, project.  This one was kinda initiated by Boom – he brought me this:

He does know me well – he knew I loved binder clips and that the green would be right up my alley!  And he was right.  When I saw that, it reminded me of this tut I had seen on decorating office supplies.  (Thanks, How About Orange, for the tut!).

So that one green binder clip (along with the excellent instructions) spurred me onto make these:

I thought the thinner fabric would be better, but turns out the thicker fabric works best since you can’t see the black of the clip through it.  I just slapped some ModPodge on the clips (with the handles taken off) and then put the fabric on them, and then sealed with ModPodge on top of all of the fabric.  The white with the blue coral is my fav.  I may also try doing this with scrapbook patterned paper.

I love you, Internet.  You make so many things possible!  I am able to find so many fun tutorials to try out – so thank you for being you!


4 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. Hey! Those look great!

  2. Someone must really love you to give you that green binder clip. That, like the giver, is a real Keeper. If I was going to start a new show about a dynamic crime fighting duo I would title it “Trapper & Keeper”. I am signing off now to go work out the pilot for season one. I am sure that CBS at least will pick it up. If they have a show about 70 couples that like to swing then I suspect the drunk executive producers will sign on to anything.

  3. My binder clips here at work are soooooo jealous…… 🙂

  4. I’m totally loving the grey flowers. I think it’s so cool to make things in unexpected ways … it makes them unique!

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