Camo is cool

My roll-ey bag died and we left it back in Richmond.  It served me well – through all the years of consulting – getting on planes Monday morning and then back on Thursday night.  So for a while now, Boom has been talking about getting me a camo Dakine bag.  The pattern (Digi Camo!) is like this:

Not this exact bag, but the smaller version of it.  I have always thought it was cute, but kinda random that Boom would specifically pick that out for me.

Anyway, Yarbs and I went to the Galleria yesterday to get her iPod checked out (I think it’s life is nearing the end – it gets way too wet when Yarbs runs, and she is too cheep cheep to spring for a new holder from China for $6 – free shipping!) and we had some time to tool around.

I found the camo pattern and bag(s) that I really want:

Louis Vutton Monogramouflage!  Designed by Takashi Murakami, a Japanese artist.  Clearly this is just a pipe dream – but isn’t the pattern cute?!  I am really digging it.  One day, when I win the lotto…


2 responses to “Camo is cool

  1. yes, we love the louis! and for the record, i actually bought 2 armband holders off ebay – the nike sport kind that totaled about $15 and is from oregon, not china!

  2. It is luggage and its purpose is to take a beating. Why anyone would buy LV luggage is beyond me. I still like the more reasonably priced and sporty Dakine bag better.

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