VA to TX, it is always the same!

This morning at pre-bootcamp, I got called out many times (form corrections) and then finally the instructor was all, You’re sandbagging!  And I was so startled!  I said, No!  I totally did not expect that – all the time we’ve been at pre-bootcamp, the instructors never called anyone out or accused them of sandbagging.

I think I sometimes get in my own world when we are doing exercises that I don’t find particularly interesting, so I likely have a faraway look on my face, which makes it seem like I am sandbagging.  (Today I may actually have been sandbagging a little.  I was tired – we stayed up late watching the Olympics!)

But when the instructor was saying I was sandbagging, it was making me giggle as it reminded me of RIC Seals.  Not that I ever sandbagged there 😉 but Johnny M always was calling me out and telling me not to sandbag.


2 responses to “VA to TX, it is always the same!

  1. I think we all sandbag at times! Hee hee – I think it’s funny you got called out!

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