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I have been working with a really great designer (and friend!) to get our main living room situated. After my first, kinda horrible experience with working with a decorator, S is a wonderful change. Helps that S is an actual interior designer, and not just a decorator. Her approach – to find something of inspiration and build the room around that – was new to me (but I’ve never worked with a designer) and really great. So that you are the main reflection of the room and not items. Not sure if I am making sense, but just know that she is great to work with and just a great gal.

Anyway, here is a preview of some of the fabrics we have picked out:

Obviously, our colors will be mainly blue and brown. With the cream walls and woodwork, brown cabinets in the kitchen, and brownish granite throughout, we couldn’t go too wild with the colors. The bold blue and brown patterned fabric will be on our sofa (!) and it is a green fabric – 100% recycled polyester. Which totally rocks, as it means it will wear like iron. We are nearly ready to order to sofa – just had to get over the sticker shock! Custom, designer furniture isn’t cheap – the upside is that the sofa will last forever.

S suggested that we wallpaper the back of our bookshelves to bring some color and texture into the room. However, Boom is not convinced. So I think we are going to just paint the back of the bookshelves for now – a more cost effective option as well. And, if we want, in the future we could add wallpaper.

We’re also deciding on a rug:

It is hard to see the patterns in the photo – I think we will go with the lighter one in the top left – it has a cute hexagonal pattern, and is a nice contrast to the floors and will bring in the lighter color of the draperies (whenever we get to that).

With all the stuff we need to get for the house, and the fact that I have lots of time on my hands, I have started making window treatments for the little windows we have upstairs. The first one I made was for the mud room window. Yesterday I made a “practice” Roman shade for my craft room bathroom (the last Roman shade I made was likely 5 years ago, so I needed to refresh my memory with something).

It’s made out of a canvas painter’s drop cloth! I love the weight and look of the natural canvas. I bought a really big drop cloth back in Richmond for my silk screening class (I cut it up and printed on the cut pieces), and had a lot left over. I remembered reading about a sofa that someone upholstered in a drop cloth, and figured it would be just fine to make a Roman shade out of it (and I like using items for things they are not meant to be used for – keeps things interesting). I added the black felt scalloped bottom edge, otherwise I felt it was way too plain. I need to buy a cleat and maybe a tassel for the end of the cord, and I will be done! I am fairly pleased with how it turned out.

Today I am going to finish up the balloon Roman shade (not sure if that is the official name for what I am making, but I’m going to go with it) I am making for the middle guest room. Al and Park will be staying there when they come visit – nothing like impending house guests to spur me onto start and finish house projects!

I think I’ll also start hanging things on our bare walls! Woo hoo – exciting times!


3 responses to “Designer & DIY

  1. Love the blue and brown – and the cute roman shade! I wish I could sew… 😉

  2. Colors look good. Nice job on the shade Tinga-linga-linga-linga.

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