Slow Start to the Morning

Last night I couldn’t do it – I couldn’t stay up to watch the women’s gymnastics all around competition live (I think it went on until past midnight.  When I could barely keep my eyes open at 930pm, I knew something had to give.  Too many late nights in a row!).  So this morning, before I even got onto the Internet, I watched the whole competition over breakfast and then some.  I didn’t want to get on-line and inadvertently see who won what.

So a few things:

1) The effing judges were totally smoking some crack on the beam and bar scores.  Really made me angry that the Chinese gals got such high scores, when they did not deserve them.  Yes, Boom has reminded me repeatedly that I am Chinese myself, but really, I am an American.  And given the choice between the USA and Chinese teams, I’d pick the USA every time.  And it would have made me angry had it been another country – just doesn’t seem fair for girls to get scores that they do not deserve – high or low.  They have all worked too hard to have it all gimped up by some international judge.

2)  I guess I always assumed that when the USA girls said they wanted to go 1 and 2, Shawn would be 1.  So I was a little surprised to see how great Nastia was.  I guess Shawn has gotten more press time (?) or something?  Anyway, after Nastia’s floor routine, I was near tears.  She was so relieved and proud, and her dad even more so.  I know he kept saying that 2nd place is the worst place and that there is only 1 color that will work for their family – a lot of pressure on his daughter, but seemed to have worked!

3)  And after cute little Shawn Johnson finished her floor routine I was really tearing up.  She had given it her all – done such a great job!  And I guess if there is one competition where the end results depends on your best performance ever, the Olympics is where it should be.  She did great and I am so proud that the USA went 1 and 2.

4)  Love that both Nastia and Shawn have very real international ties.  Nastia being born in Russia and Shawn’s coach (her 2nd dad) being from Beijing.  I guess that is what being an American is all about – the melting pot!  I know I am likely sounding really cheesy and patriotic – the Olympics brings it out of me!

And look what Boom found out was coming to H-town:

I am so excited!  But I have to make sure my friend Neener, who will be in town from Boulder, wants to go.  I really really want to see them live!


One response to “Slow Start to the Morning

  1. The Olympics are fab, aren’t they! For some reason the gymnastics hasn’t been as interesting to me, although I did watch the hightlights of the girls’ win and Nastia was awesome! So was Shawn and I’m also so glad that USA got the gold and silver!

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