Houston Bootcamp – Day 1

Boom and I got up today at 4am (eek!) to get to Bootcamp by 445am – not fun. Though I didn’t feel too tired at the time, I am a little tired now. We have been having a lot of rain, which means wet, wet, fields. The quagmire, as I like to call it. So our first instruction was to crawl, on our bellys, through the wet grass and water, across a field to the tree line. Gross. Then we had to bear crawl to the same tree line. Not as bad a bellycrawling. I never liked bear crawling in RIC, but have done it enough that it was fairly easy for me. Then a lot of running to the end of the parking lot and back, with 2 minutes of exercises in between (push-ups, sit-ups, 8-count body builders, Crazy Bobs – which are Star Jumps in RIC, etc).

The main instructor (and owner of the program) – Instructor W – is supposed to be a meanie. And he did yell, and tell us he was not our friend, and told us to shut up. I thought that was not so nice. Johnny M in RIC would never say “SHUT UP!” to anyone! We have to know everyone else’s name in the class tomorrow, and also someone has to bring him 2 cups of coffee – black! – everyday. Very different from RIC Seals. But I guess it does foster “Us newbies against the mean instructor” bonding.

I am glad that we did pre-bootcamp, not that it was a really hard workout, but at least it got us up early and doing some pushups and things that I would never make myself do if I were alone. I was pleased to see that my muscle memory from RIC Seals was good – bear crawling and all that other jazz came right back to me.

There was a girl – J – that was in between Boom and I that was kinda grunting after every exercise (after every sit-up, push-up, etc). I knew she’d be annoying to Boom, and sure enough, we got into the car and Boom was all, I can’t be next to J tomorrow. And I said, Yes, I know. As soon as I heard her start grunting, I knew you’d be irritated!

I also have gotten some random weird insect bites, from crawling through the quagmire, I am sure. So I purchased some water resistant bug spray. I hope it works.

I am tired, but I think that it is because 1) we were up so early, and 2) we were moving around for about 1 hour and 20 mins. and that is kinda a long time. The workout was ok, but not horrendously tough. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings πŸ˜‰


3 responses to “Houston Bootcamp – Day 1

  1. At least the workouts should get easier as you keep going. Getting up early is never any fun though!


  3. It wasn’t quite GRUNTING- you make it sound like I was rutting in-between you two! πŸ˜› . It was more like “Its 5 am and this sucks and I am going to make noises because I think this is hard”. πŸ™‚

    Besides making me feel ridiculously like one of those weight lifting idiots at the gym, great blog! I should of guessed the creativity of the “survivors ring” was only the tip of the ice berg. πŸ™‚ Good summary of BC.

    Also, if you want the name of some other bootcamps around, I can send you a list.


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