Wet and Sandy (Bootcamp Day 2)

Get wet and sandy, get wet and sandy – that was what we heard over and over this morning.  Getting wet and sandy means running to the hose, hosing everyone down with water, then going to the beach volleyball court to roll around and get sand all over.  And I had sand all over – in every nook and cranny.  We couldn’t get wet or sandy enough, so Instructor W took us over to the hose, sat us down in the quagmire, and hosed us down himself.  Then we not only rolled around in  sand, we low crawled (many, many times) across the sand (Chest stays on the ground! Butt out of the air!) – my knees and elbows are a little raw from that.  We also front rolled (ode to the Olympics?) across the sand and many other fun activities in the sand.

Then we were timed as a team – trying to get wet and sandy in less than 5:45.  It only took us about 4 tries to do so – we really couldn’t get it together!  The fast people slowed down, but the slow people needed to pick it up a little.  But we finally did it – under 5:20!  Whew – who knew it would be so hard to keep 14-15 people together in 2 lines to get wet and sandy.  I guess this is helping us with our teambuilding skills.

I am tired today.  Will need to take a little nap later, I suspect.


One response to “Wet and Sandy (Bootcamp Day 2)

  1. what is that photo of? at least it wasn’t raining like it is now!
    c u @ lunch 🙂

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