Like a Walk in the Park (Boot Camp Day 3)

Instructor W only showed up long enough to issue us our boot camp t-shirts (100% cotton, sweet – should stay nice and sweaty in the H-town humidity!) that we need to wear daily until boot camp is up, and then he took off. Asian Instructor was there to lead us – but he didn’t make us get wet and sandy or muck through the quagmire too much, so it was basically like a day off! We ran for a good bit of the time – since some of the folks are not really runners (and were having a hard time keeping up when we were just shuffling along) and everyone had to stay together, we were basically going at a snails pace, which was fine with me as I was really tired and not really feeling like working too hard.

We did some jumping jacks, abs and leg work – easy peasy! Boom and I even managed to squeeze in a 20 minute power nap after our shower and before going to work.

Why was I so tired, you ask? Well, the night before, I had gone to a transfer event with the Junior League of Houston, and didn’t get home until around 1030pm (gasp – on a school night, I know!)! We took a docent-led tour of the Houston Natural Museum of Science’s Gem Vault – very interesting and I learned quite a bit about gems and minerals! Afterwards, we went to Hotel ZaZa and had some drinks and socialized. Had an amazing small world incident – one of the gals that I met is BFs with one of Cubby’s good friends from UVa! Great night – all in all – I think a few of us are going to start a wine club / bunko group, which I am excited for – but very tiring after waking up at 4am.

On an unrelated note, I just made dinner reservations at The Grove for when Al and Park are in town on Saturday! Should be a great time!


3 responses to “Like a Walk in the Park (Boot Camp Day 3)

  1. looked like a very hard and good workout at 4am….,

  2. I guess you didn’t want to elaborate on the girl who was “dying” even thou you hadn’t even run 2 miles 😉

  3. 100% Cotton? That’s absolute bullshit.

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