Slow Slow Slow (Boot Camp Day 4)

I was kinda giddy off how easy boot camp was yesterday.  Boom warned me not to expect the same sort of workout for today.  He was right, but not necessarily because Instructor W was back, but because some of the people in boot camp are wimps.  There is one girl in particular – M – who is young (21!  11 years younger than me!) and should be in shape, or at least be able to run 3 miles without stopping…  but that is too much to ask, evidently…

Here is Boom’s perspective:

“The girl in question openly sobbed today it was ridiculous. We ran out to Wescott and back. Maybe 2.5 miles. It felt like we were keeping a 25 min/mile pace so that we could finish as a group and keep M with us. Nevertheless she fell back 4 or 5 times. When we got back we were instructed to get wet and sandy in 4:30 – which we failed because M was dragging. He made us do it again and we finished in 4:18. Only because the group pushed her hard to move it. Then he said sprint to the end of the lot and back. Probably 350 yards out. She said “noooo. uh uh uh uh.” It was one of the more pathetic things I have ever heard or seen. The instructor encouraged her to quit and join the YMCA.”

She seems to be really high maintenance and just not fit at all.  We literally were shuffling along – I think I saw a turtle walking down the sidewalk pass us!

And then Instructor W had us carry around medicine balls and 2 logs.  Yes, logs – that used to be trees.  It was very random.  We were supposed to hold medicine balls above our heads – and the worst part about that was they were dripping water and that was running down my head, which was gross.  We, the boot camp team, couldn’t pull it together enough to run circles around the parking lot with the logs and med balls, so we had to put the logs and balls into the quagmire, and push the logs and balls while low crawling.  We were probably low crawling for half an hour!  It was gross, as parts of the quagmire really smelled like a horse’s bottom (ewww!).

My shoes stinks so badly now that when I have them on I can even smell their odor when I am standing up straight!  Paying to get yelled at and slog around in the quagmire – fun times.


One response to “Slow Slow Slow (Boot Camp Day 4)

  1. Boom’s Thoughts for the Day

    Last two days have been pretty tough at Seals – not so much in terms of physical exertion for situps, pushups, etc., but more as a result of the amount of time we have spent crawling through mud and deep water pushing objects around. You are in awkward physical positions and are soaked to the bone so just different than your average work out. The other day actually reminded me a little of being back at Marine Officer Candidate School. They try to break you down mentally to forget about being an individual and to become a better team player. Pretty important stuff in the Marines/SEALs, etc., but struggle to see what this guy really thinks he is going to acheive with this application of these principals to a bunch of civilians in such a short time frame. By the team that people really start to buy into the thinking the program it wil be over so it ends up being more of just torture for tortures sake. With such a short time window I think it will result in many participants walking away saying – glad i stuck with it and made it through, it was tough, but miserable and not something I want to do on an ongoing basis. Seems to me to be defeating the purpose of developing an ongoing business model that people want to come back to and are excited to be a part of. I was not part of RIC SEALs, but Ting absolutely loved being a part of it and loved the people she worked out with and made some of the best friends she has ever made. To me that is what this program should be striving to acheive. Instead it seems more like fraternity hazing which ultimately makes people angry not excited and energized.

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