False Accusations (Boot Camp – Day 5)

Boom is such a smartie pants – he told me last night to be prepared for a hard day today at Boot Camp. I was all, why? And he said, Because, it is the end of the first week and they will likely want to work us hard before the weekend. And they did.

We did a 10 minute warm up in the parking lot in our usual 2 line formation. Then we ran to 610 and back – about 1.5 miles round trip and did that as an indian run. I was worried about M, but she did just fine. We were going quite slowly, but faster than if we had run it in our 2 line formation. Just proved to me that M can run, but she just sometimes doesn’t want to and is either lazy or lacks some mental toughness.

When we got back, we did timed 2-minute push ups (35 off my knees, 25 on my knees), sit ups (only did 65. Back in the day, I was able to do more than 100 in 2 mins, that one time). Also did 1-min worth of 8 count body builders, crazy bobs, star jumps, etc. We also did a times 1.5 mile run – I can in 3rd of the boot campers (M’s boyfriend and Boom beat me) – during the first lap of that run, one of the instructors I had had during pre-boot camp (Instructor H) was all, Are you sandbagging?! And I yelled, NO Instructor – I am not sandbagging! ‘Cause I wasn’t – I was putting out – just was a bit tired and didn’t have a banana before working out. But I was still going fairly quickly – definitely the first girl from the boot campers to finish. Boom told me he overheard Instructor H saying to the other instructor (about me): She is one of the top ones in boot camp, but she is always sandbagging… I know she can do more.

Which is kinda a compliment, but also a really big insult! Makes me sound like I am lazy and not hard working. Grrr. Boom says it is because I don’t whine or make weird grunting noises when I am working out – so it makes them think I am sandbagging. Blah. And at the end of the workout, he told the class that our class nickname was “The Sandbaggers”. A dig for me?  I think so. Oh well, whatever. I actually think Instructor H kinda likes me – maybe below what he thinks is my sandbagging he can see my spunk!

The 4am wake-ups this week have been pretty tiring. I think I may skip my 9.5 mile run tomorrow. Though I would be able to “sleep in” until 5am. We’ll see.

Just if you are wondering why I exercise like I do, it is so I can eat desserts like this:

After I had made this dessert of strawberries macerated with sugar over angel food cake topped with a lot of whipped cream (full fat, from Whole Foods – I have forgotten the name of the brand – but it was the most delicious whipped cream from a bottle I have ever had!) and brought it over to the couch where Boom was sitting, I was all, It’s not as big as it looks. He took one look and started laughing. Then I started laughing. And it was huge! Not to worry, I was able to put it all down, no problem. So I have to workout a lot since I like to eat (sweets) a lot!


2 responses to “False Accusations (Boot Camp – Day 5)

  1. THAT looks good! Even sandbaggers deserve some dessert!

  2. That picture does not do that desert justice. What about the picture where you have it up near your face and it is bigger than your head. What get’s lost in current picture is that the desert came out on a full dinner plate not a side desert plate. That should give the viewer some sense for how large it really was.

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