10 extra pounds of fun (Boot Camp – Day 6)

This morning at Boot Camp, we had to wear backpacks filled with 10 – 20 pounds of whatever – rice, beans, sand, etc.  Along with Instructor W, there was a new young instructor, that had just gotten back from Marine Corps boot camp.  He was mean!!  We spent a lot of time in the sand pit in the beginning – bear crawling with a 10 pound pack on my back was not fun.  Made my neck and wrists hurt!  Lots of bear crawls, and chasing rabbits (running in place on your hands and feet) in the sand.  When we finally were allowed to stand up and run, it was such a relief!  No sweat running into my eyes for a little bit.

And we ran as a group, with 2 of the team who had been called out for bringing small bottles of Gatorade carrying 2 medicine balls.  We all helped with the med balls – never fun to run with those puppies.  Mean old  Instructor W called us the “Rodeo Clowns” so we had to run around for a bit acting like rodeo clowns.  Kinda odd, but whatever.  We also did a lot of sprints then leaning rest (resting in push up position).  Instructor W also wanted us to do flutter kicks with our pack on – which I couldn’t do more than a few at a time.  The angle was too weird – and it hurt my back.

Close to the end of workout, we were chasing rabbits, forever, it seemed like!  With the extra weight on my neck, it was very uncomfortable.  Todays entire workout was just so uncomfortable – not too terribly hard physically, but very uncomfortable, and tiring with the extra weight.

I know I am always comparing it to RIC Seals, and since today was NO FUN at all, it was about as different from RIC Seals as you can get.  I like Johnny M’s model b/c he builds people up and encourages us to cheer on our teammates, as opposed to Instructor W who yells at us when we talk.  Johnny M is also always looking for feedback, and Ins. W told us that he “makes the biscuits” the same way and has been for 11 years.  Ins. W seems to use the fact that he was a Navy Seal as proof that he has “done his time” and can now yell and preach at us civilians.  Literally these 6 days have basically been hazing.

I think Ins. W should take a trip up to Richmond and see how a really successful Seals program is run.  He could have 100 “lifers” come a day instead of 20, but maybe his personality is not suited to that sort of success.  I was really down on it on the ride home, and definitely did not want to join the lifer program, as I didn’t want to validate Ins. W.  Boom said we should 1) stay positive, since this is hard enough as it is without us getting really down on it, and 2) not judge the lifer program just yet.  He agrees that he does not want to validate Ins. W, but that maybe we should try out the lifer program for a month or so to see if we like it or not.  So likely we will give it a shot – hope I will love it but suspect that I won’t.  We’ll see…


4 responses to “10 extra pounds of fun (Boot Camp – Day 6)

  1. I don’t know how you do it…..this morning at 4 am I was in the middle of a long dream about chasing Captain around…..gosh I wonder where that came from. I’m going to start getting up before work to work out really soon though…..yep, really soon….. 😉

  2. Yeah – boot camp bit the big one today. Little too preachy for my taste.

  3. Johnny M would be quoting this in weekly emails for the rest of the year if you sent it to him. Shoot him an update–it will make his DAY.

    I like RIC seals better, from the sounds of it.

  4. I agree – you should let John know! I hope you make it to RIC seals when you return for K’s wedding. Some of your fans have been asking about you!

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