ChopChop, CapCap, & RuRu

Al and Park came to visit this weekend – yay! Our first couple visitors!!! Look at that awesome basket they brought for us – and Al thought it all out very well!  Wine ’cause I was in a wine club, gnocci and sauce ’cause we went to Italy together, chocolate ’cause I love it and b/c we went to Switzerland together, and lots of treats for Ruby!  Unfortunately, they ran into some traffic on their way down on Saturday – so we were starved by the time we had a late lunch at El Tiempo. I didn’t want us to fill up too much since dindin was at 8pm, but we were all so hungry. We had some margaritas there and also had some drinks at home. We took all the doggies on a walk in the neighborhood – showed Al and Park our community tennis courts and pool.

We were able to rally and get to The Grove by 825 – opps! But we know the Executive Chef (aren’t we cool?!) and he sent out 4 (four!) different appetizers – one that wasn’t even on the menu. Dinner was really good – I wish I had been hungrier. None of us were able to eat all that much, unfortunately. We had a really good table, and I wonder if Ryan (the exec chef) had anything to do with that. He also came out and talked to us – and he was all dressed in his official Grove chef wear. I wish I had taken a photo!

After dinner, we went upstairs to the rooftop deck – the Treehouse – for a drink. It was a nice night, but the bugs were bitting me! We decided to head to another bar – Boom asked the bartender for some suggestions, and he said that we should go to some of the Rice bars. Boom had also heard from a buddy that the Ginger Man in Rice Village was supposed to be pretty good. So we decided to head that way, since it is really close to home. We got to the area behind Rice Village where all the bars are – and Boom and I were all like, who knew we had so many happening bars so close to home?! We went to some Irish bar, that had a band playing some pretty good pop songs!

Aren’t we cute?! Even though we were likely some of the oldest peeps at this bar, we really were also some of the cutest! I know a lot of smart peeps go to Rice – most of the chickies were not cute, and also needed to lose some LBs. Anyway, not very nice of me – bad Tingaling, bad Tingaling!

By midnight, we were tired. and headed home. Luckily it was just a short 5 minute drive! Al and all of us were so tired, so we called it a night soon there after.

They brought Chopper and Captain for Ruby to play with – and she loved having the canine companionship! ChopChop is really so cute – just like Dooce’s Coco, but not a mini, but rather a regular sized Australian shepard. I had never really been around Australian shepards, but really enjoyed ChopChop. He was sweet and chill and really cute!

He let Ruby be the alpha dog, which she always wants to be, so they got along just fabulously! She would only want the toy that ChopChop wanted – she was kinda a brat in that way.

And CapCap, well, he has some issues. He is a boy dog, but seems rather high maintenance – every time we called him, he’d look at us and run the other way!

He definitely is a mama’s dog! RuRu didn’t know what to make of him – she didn’t feel threatened by him at all!

After sleeping in on Sunday, we had brunch at the Buffalo Grill – so we hit all yummy favorite spots in H-town! We were – again – starved since we had not eaten too much for dinner, so we kinda ate a lot! I was stuffed! Al and Park headed back home after that – she had work she had to do once she got home! It was really great seeing them – really nice to spend some quality time with Park. He is a really good guy – and he and Boom got along great!

Fun times – can’t wait to see them again!


2 responses to “ChopChop, CapCap, & RuRu

  1. I feel famous being on your blog! 🙂 Thanks for being such great hosts – Park and I had a great time!! We loved eating our way through Houston at all the best restaurants with you guys. RuRu is such a sweet doggie – and we loved having two worn out pups once we got back to big D. And I finished my work project last night when we got home – yay!

    Thanks again for such a fun weekend….AND the beautiful wedding & b-day gifts!!!! Great spending some QT with you both, as always!

  2. Great to see Al and Park. Had a fun time with you guys.

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