So Long Debbie Downer (Boot Camp Day 7)

I have decided not to get down on Boot Camp anymore.  It certainly is not like RIC Seals, but R-Seals is no longer an option for me so I just need to move on!

Today wasn’t too bad.  We carried our packs, and did a 4 mile out-and-back run.  The 2 miles out were SO SLOW – it was literally hurting my knees to run that slowly!  So when we reached our turnaround point, I asked if we could speed it up just a smidge.  Literally I could walk at not even a really brisk pace and keep up with how fast we were shuffling along.

I didn’t have to worry, ’cause a few minutes into our run back, the lifers came, took our packs (I felt so light
and airy without it on) and corralled us into an indian run.  Which I enjoyed, as the pace definitely picked up.  Once we got back to the workout area, we had get wet and sandy, and then run in the sand around the volleyball courts (2 of ’em) with our packs above our heads.  That was difficult – and I couldn’t keep my pack up the entire time.  I would try to keep it up for one side, then put it on my head for the next side, then up on the next side, etc.  We did this for quite a while.  When I was finally able to sneak a peak at my watch, it was 6:18 – only 12 minutes left!

We stopped running and got back to our mats – where Ins. W put us in pushup position (leaning rest) and told us a gruesome story of a mother who had been stabbed to death.  I guess the lesson he wanted us to take away was to always be aware of our surroundings, and to be careful.  Then he let us go – at least the talking didn’t last too too long.

Tomorrow should be more interesting – we (Boot Campers) had brought a boom box and CD with “Bandy the Rodeo Clown” by Moe Bandy, “Fly like an Eagle”  by Steve Miller Band and “Funeral Bell” by Black Label Society on it, at Ins. W’s request.  He didn’t do anything with the music today, so I suspect tomorrow it will come into play.


One response to “So Long Debbie Downer (Boot Camp Day 7)

  1. Good attitude Tingaling. You neglected to mention that Boom did not surrender his backpack. Just to avoid any confusion for readers.

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