Class 149

Each graduating boot camp class has to create a memento for Ins. W.  and I think that some of the other people in the class are working on it.  However, Ins. H mentioned another class thingy – a man overboard ring – last week that he wants to see tomorrow.

Being currently unemployed and having lots of free time (and crafty), I volunteered to make the project that Ins. H wants tomorrow.  Here are the fruits of my labor:

I Photoshopped a clown wig on everyone and then cut their pics out.  Then I stamped (with Yarb’s foam stams) using acrylic paint all the words.  Then I stuck the photos on the ring.  That’s it!

I think it looks pretty good!

3 responses to “Class 149

  1. That is soooo cute!! I love the clown wigs. You were definitely the right pick for this project – I don’t care who else was in the class!

    On another note, Ins. W. sounds awfully demanding….but I guess that is the point!

  2. Tres cute! I guess scrappin’ supplies can come in handy for other crafty projects 🙂

  3. very smart and cute….

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