Only 2 more days to go! (Boot Camp Day 8)

This morning I was really tired.  Really, really tired.  It would have be a skip day for me, but I figured this was the 3rd to last day of Boot Camp, so I might as well suck it up and go.  Today was Ins. H and Asian Instructor.  Luckily, we started out slowly – a nice 10 minute warm-up.  Then we did a ton of stuff on our mats – sit ups, push ups, squats, arm circles, swimmers / supermans, flutter kicks, etc.  Was hard, but kinda nice that we weren’t running.  I was actually very surprised at how much I was sweating!

At 6:22 a.m. I assumed they would be letting us out a little early as they had been in the past, but Asian Instructor was all, RUN TO 610 (that is a highway) AND BACK!  MOVE!!!!!  We were all surprised, since we move like pond water when we have to run as a group.  Surprisingly we made better time than usual – I think everyone was ready for today’s boot camp to be over.

So all and all, not a horrible day.  But I do think one of the many mysterious insect bites (that has grown to a goiter) that I have is infected.  It is super itchy, but also weeping some weird looking stuff.  Gross.  At least  hump day of the 2nd week is over.  Only 2 effing days to go!  YAY!!!!


One response to “Only 2 more days to go! (Boot Camp Day 8)

  1. Looking forward to having this class end. Really tired of everything about it.

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