Almost Finished (Boot Camp – Day 9)

Today wasn’t bad – I thought it surely was going to be since I didn’t have my mat or backpack, but J lent me an extra towel to use as a mat and I just faked like I had a backpack.  We really didn’t do much with the packs on, so that is likely why the instructors didn’t notice that I was sans pack (and sans Boom).  I also got to drive a 4-Runner to workout – and I love those things!  One of my good friends in high school got one (brand new!) when she turned 16 – and we had so much fun with that truck.  Boom is not a big fan, but I think that sometimes when I like something he choses to not like it just to be ornery.

We ran to Westcott and back – not as painfully slow as we had been.  Then there were 10 little orange cones set up and each cone had some exercises on them – 25 crunches, 10 dive bomber pushups, 20 8-count body builders, etc.  But then there were some cones that had really high numbers on them – 300 jumping jacks (4-count), 200 Crazy Bobs, 300 push ups, etc.  So that caused a little confusion – that was never cleared up… the concencus was to just keep moving.  So we’d do the small numbers in full then when we got to the really big numbers, we would just do a portion, and then move on.  Would have just been easier if all the numbers were realistic ones, since we kept going around the cones in a loop.

Poor Boom – he flew to Dallas yesterday morning for meetings all day.  He told me that he was on the 9pm flight home, but that one of his collegues wanted him to stay for dinner, but that he was going to skip it.  Of course he ended up staying for dinner, so he wasn’t finished until 1020pm last night.  Because of Seals and a drs appt this morning, Boom decides to drive home – and he didn’t get into bed until close to 3am!  Well, of course I am not going to wake him up an hour later to go to Boot Camp – definitely not worth that (tho he claimed to be mad at me when I got home since he wanted to go to Boot Camp.  Even though he doesn’t really like it.  I don’t understand either.)  Anyway, his rental car was blocking my car in the garage, so I just took the rental.  And Boom’s car, that he drove to the airport yesterday morning and where it still was early this morning, has all of our mats and backpacks in it.  Thus, I was underprepared today, but to no ones detriment, thank goodness!

I am not sure if we are going to do the lifers program.  It is kinda costly – $95/month for 12 months, $125/month for 6 months and $155/month for 3 months – they have discounts if we sign up on graduation day (tomorrow) and also if you pay for the full year in advance.  Boom and I will need to discuss, but just seems a bit much.  If we did the $155/month for 3 mos (which is the most likely one we’d do, if any), that is nearly $8 day, if you went every day.  We’ll discuss tonight.

I can feel my IT band in my left knee – it is kinda aching and probably needs a good stretching.  So I will be going to yogidy tomorrow morning after our LAST DAY (yay!  woot woot!) of Boot Camp.  Glad this class is nearly over!


2 responses to “Almost Finished (Boot Camp – Day 9)

  1. The reason I was mad was because you knew I drove back to make it to the work out. Agree I am not crazy about the program, but wanted to make it to all of the sessions for my own personal satisfaction. I never even heard you leave and woke up all confused at 6:00 AM.

  2. the drive home for dallas that late stinks! poor boom! you must be sleeping by now!

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