Ole Graybeard

I think little RuRu is getting old!  Her obvious gray beard and hairs throughout her coat are a tell tale sign – but her energy just seems to be waning these days.  After ChopChop and CapCap left (last Sunday), Ruby was wiped out for days!  and even now, she seems just a bit off.

I have shortened her twice daily walks, to help with fatigue.  On our afternoon walk today, we literally only walked past 3 houses before she was laying on the grass, her signal that she is tired and needs a break.  3 houses!  That is not very far at all.  I managed to get her to continue, but she was really panting and I could tell she just wanted to go home.

I wonder if she knows that she still has at least 10 good years ahead of her!  She is the best dog ever – I can’t imagine life without her.  Helps that she is super cute, too!

3 responses to “Ole Graybeard

  1. I love li’l ru too. she is the sweetest dog ever!

  2. Logan sends her love. And she says to tell Rubles there are no hard feelings. 🙂

  3. I have a greyhound and she was doing the same thing this summer. I was so worried. (She is almost 9.) Part of it was humidity but the other part was just that she was hurting. The vet and I decided to put her on Rimadyl and it has been an amazing transformation!! Some people are against this drug because it could hurt the liver (all drugs have their down-sides) but we had her liver checked and it does not seem to be affected.
    (Wish I could include a picture of her — she’s back to running around like crazy again!) I love her.

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