“The Chatty One” (Boot Camp – Day 10)

This morning was graduation day for Class 149 – without any pomp or circumstance.  Ins. W. worked us really hard for the first hour – sprints with push-ups / 8-count bodybuilders / crazy Bobs / chasing rabbits / etc between each sprint.  For an hour.  And I was tired.  Really was dragging today.

After the hour of working out, he was all, Stick a fork in Class 149 because you are done.  He then called each person up to him to shake his hand and give them their completion certificate.  As he is shaking each persons hand and handing them their certificate, he is not saying anything.  Then he calls my name.  I run up there, and he is all, Ha! The chatty one!  I was so not expecting anything to come out of his mouth that I just was like, Hun?  and giggled nervously.  And then once he was done handing out certificates, his eloquent closing remark was, See ya when I see ya.

Highly underwhemling and sort of a let down.  In RIC Seals, on graduation day, almost all of the instructors are there, you shake each ones hand and then shake Johnny M’s hand and you get your coveted Seal Team PT (wicking) shirt.  In front of all the other Seal team members.  There is clapping and hollering and it is a happy time.

This morning was nothing like that.  We did get let out early, so we all socialized around B – the resident expert and advocate on H-town Seal PT – this was her 8th (yes, eighth!) time to go through Boot Camp.  Very, very nice lady but odd to have done so many Boot Camps!  And during this time, I did get confirmation that it was odd that he made the comment, The chatty one!, to me – as I was only the 3rd or 4th most chatty one.  Definitely not THE most chatty.  He did mention that he talked to all the instructors – and sometimes I had asked the instructors a lot of questions, so maybe that is what he meant.  Or he just got confused.  Who knows, he is definitely a mystery.  B enlightened us that he is not very social (big surprise there) – so he could never implement Johnny M’s business model.  But if he did, he’d have 100 B’s out there letting people know how awesome his program is.

I think my time with H-town Seal PT is over.  I want it to be something it can never be (RIC Seals) and thus will always be disappointed.  So I think I just need to move onto the next thing.  The Kenyan Way, the group that we do long runs with on Saturdays, also has hill and speed workouts on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I think I may join that – after I take a few days off.

There are changes ahead for Boom, Ruru and I (more on that to come – nothing too exciting, but changes none the less) so I am really glad that Boot Camp is over.  Interesting to have completed it and to see how 2 people can start with the same basic idea and execute it in totally different ways, but still very glad that it is over!

3 responses to ““The Chatty One” (Boot Camp – Day 10)

  1. I suspect that he just read the last name when he handed you the certificate and got confused. I was really that chatty one.

  2. I am happy that it was over, now you can relax and sleep in before the next torture ….

  3. At least you made it thru! See you when I get back!

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