A little bit of New England in H-town

Last night, we had a celebratory dinner for me.  and Boom – the most excellent hubby – made us baked stuffed lobster for dinner!  The lobsters were so delicious – Boom did a fabulous job!

This is a recipe of Boom’s mom’s – usually when we go up there she will make us baked stuffed lobster one night.  This was Boom’s first attempt to make the lobsters on his own – and it was a highly successful venture!  The only part of the lobster that gets boiled are the big claws – so those have to get taken off and put into the pot for not too long – like 5 minutes.  Then the body of the lobster is opened up from top to tail – and the meat is taken from inside the claws and stuffed into the body.  Then a stuffing with red peppers, onions and scallops is put on top of the entire lobster – to help keep everything moist.  Then into the oven for 20 minutes and then the baked stuffed lobsters are ready!  Not too difficult – but kind of a lot of time consuming steps.

So why the celebratory dinner?  Well, I am now gainfully employed!  Full time!  Yes, it will likely be a shock to my system and definitely a shock to Ruby, but I am really excited.  I start tomorrow (gasp!).  I will be working for a local performing arts non-profit in the Development department.  I am looking forward to learning a lot and meeting lots of new folks.  I decided that I wanted to take the development track (as opposed to Marketing or Events) in non-profits, ’cause that is such a big, important part of ALL non-profits.  Maybe someday I’ll become the Executive Director for a non-profit, and a big part of that role would be fundraising.  I have been involved in development for non-profits for years – just on the volunteer side.  So it will be really great to see the other side.  That will really help to round out my development experience.

Big changes!  An exciting new chapter in my life.  And Boom has been nothing but supportive – even though it means the House Mouse won’t have much time to do house mouse activities (which is very nice for me, the House Mouse).  I think I will just need to be more organized and plan better to maximize our weekend time.  I often times find I am more efficient and productive when I have limited time – when I have lots of time, I can always put things off until tomorrow.  So I think this will be good for me on many levels.

The worst part about being gainfully employed is that Craft Monday will go away (boo!).  And I won’t get to see Yarbs on a (nearly) daily basis for lunch.  Which totally stinks, but we had a good run.  And I think we will start doing Craft Sunday Afternoons.  Poor Ruby – my working will really be a shock to her system.  And I am sure she will miss seeing Yarbs as well.  Ruby is resilient, and will be just fine, I am sure.

Wish me good luck tomorrow!


3 responses to “A little bit of New England in H-town

  1. Glad you enjoyed. Not as good as the original, but pretty decent for a first try. I am excited about your first day tomorrow and am glad that you get to start with a half week to ease yourself into it. I know you will be awesome at it.

  2. Congratulations on the job! That is really exciting. Woo hoo!

  3. Those lobsters look yummy! I never would have imagined that Boom is not only cute and funny but he cooks too! I guess he’s a keeper!
    I have missed you this week! We will have to get together some time next weekend!

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