Look what I’ve made!

At the end of last week, I really was on a kick that I needed to complete more projects, instead of surfing for / think of / read about projects. And recently I’ve been downloading free embroidery patterns like it’s my job (thank you, Internet, for being you! You ROCK!).

So here is what I have to show for it:

A gift for Yarbs (that I already gave to her since it is for traveling): A personalized, embroidered shoe bag!

I like making these shoe bags – as they are easy, and useful! And the personalization and embroidery make it a little luxurious, for such a utilitarian item. I stamped her initials, and put some mushrooms and a butterfly (the lovely pattern I downloaded from doe-c-doe here) – kind of reminds me of Alice and Wonderland. Which is perfect for Yarbs, since she likes all things Alice. Thanks again, doe-c-doe for the pattern! I love it!

A gift for my kitchen & for my favorite blogger of all time: Hedgehog tea towel!

(Sorry the snaps aren’t the best – the lighting is not so great in my mud room) I’ve had this fabric forever – it is kinda nubbly and just the right width (so not like regular fabric) to make tea towels. Which is nice b/c that means I only have to sew the top and the bottom – the sides are the selvage of the fabric – perfect! So last week I turned all of it into quite a few tea towels – now I have plenty of blanks, and can’t use that as an excuse! And I designed these little guys – looked at some hedgehog photos and what other people were doing with hedgehogs as inspiration, then whipped out a hedgehog in Illustrator.

I even remembered to put a little loop on the back to hang the towel from a hook:

So my favorite blogger of all time is Heather B. Armstrong (aka Dooce.com) – she possibly could be the original blogger. And she is HILARIOUS!!! If only I could be so witty via the internet. She got fired from her job (or “dooced”) b/c she was blogging about and from it. She is hugely popular and everyone (love or hate) reads dooce. Anyway, she has some mild obsessions and one of them is for hedgehogs. I haven’t sent it to her yet – seems slightly odd to send her something – even though I know she gets lots of stuff from readers.

And last but not least: a baby onesie. I have multiple friends who just had sons, so I thought I would embroider a onesie for one of them.

The adorable pudgy elephant pattern I got from The Wooley Duck here. I love the elephant and think he looks pretty good on the onesie (I double outlined him in green and blue) – but I didn’t love the iron on stabilizer I used, so I don’t think I am going to give this away. Hopefully someday Boom and I will be able to put it to good use. Thanks again, Wooley Duck, for the pattern!

That is all, for right now. Today some of my books came into the library and I am very excited to bust into them:

Hopefully I will find some inspiration as well as helpful techniques! I want to do at least one project from each book – I bet I’ll have to renew these puppies a couple times (especially now with my limited free time)!


3 responses to “Look what I’ve made!

  1. Beautiful work Tingaling.

  2. Your embroidery looks fantastic! I can never get mine to look that neat . . . .

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