First Day

My first day at work was good!  I can tell I’ll be learning a lot, which is great.  I am already signed up for a fundraising course (continuing education) at Rice, a conference, a brunch, and am missing 2 happy hours (due to my class) – so it is definitely keeping me busy!  And my Junior League placement starts tonight!  This fall is turning out to be quite busy – which I think is the case for most people.

When I was getting the tour around the building, there are rehearsal rooms and the ballet was practicing!  I loved seeing the dancers when I peeked into the room!  I think I am where I should be – in terms of type of organization – performing arts – and non-profit versus corporate.  I have a couple projects that will need to get out in the next few weeks and that really excites me!  And I am sure to meet lots of folks, which will be great.

Now I’ve experienced H-town traffic.  I left work last night around 530pm – prime time.  So the highways were jammed – moving along, but just at a snail’s pace.  I think it took me 30 minutes to get home (that is double what it should take me, sans traffic).  Maybe sometime I’ll try going home locally.

And I didn’t have to cook dindin last night – one of Boom’s Marine Corps buddies was in town so they met up for some beers and dinner.  I was happy to eat my peanut butter and banana sandwich on the couch!


2 responses to “First Day

  1. First week is coming to a close and I can tell you that Tingaling has done a tremendous job getting back into the swing of the working world. Every morning she blares Dolly Parton’s early 80s hit “Working 9 to 5.” Every evening she falls asleep on the couch at 7:15 pm claiming that she is physically and mentally exhasuted from the days work. Ruby has also appeared to adapted well to the change in her lifestyle. At first she refused to eat her breakfast until someone came home to observe the actual consumption – she loves an audience. She has now overcome this though and eats in the morning. She spend the lionshare of the day asleep on whichever soft surface is available to her and has more energy when we get home than she had when she was following Tingaling up and dow the stairs 15x a day.

  2. I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your new work! Looks like you are getting settled into life in H-town 🙂 yay!
    boom is so funny – i almost like reading his comments as much as your posts!

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