H-town’s Best deal

On Thursday, Boom and I met for lunch – which was so fun!  We used to do that in DC, but one of us had to take the metro to meet the other one.  Here, our buildings are literally 2 blocks apart.  When we were eating, I commented that H-town downtown reminded me of DC downtown.  Boom was all, Because that is the only downtown you have worked in?  Hmmm… good point – and probably why it reminded me of DC!

After lunch, I decided to go to Ben and Jerry’s to get some ice cream – I just felt like a little taste of something sweet.  I got a new delicious flavor:

It was sweet cream with caramel swirled in, toffee cookie chunks and chocolate pieces that had a piece sign on them.

Two scoops on a sugar cone was less than $3!  I couldn’t believe it.  Both the price and the amount (which the scooper claimed was the smallest amount that I could get) were great!  And walking to Starbucks with Boom then back to my office, I have never been ogled as much as by other women I was with my ice cream cone. Literally, women would stare until I was out of their eye sight.  It was odd. I kind know now how Brad Pitt must feel at all times!


One response to “H-town’s Best deal

  1. THAT looks like a good ice cream!

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