Crafts… and other stuff

My most recent craft obsession is making cards and tags (mainly tags) with scraps of colorful paper and my sewing machine. I think I am enjoying this so much because 1) they are quick to make and there is something to be said about immediate gratification, 2) I really like sewing on paper – it looks cool! and 3) the random cutting and placement of the paper is so not in line with my type A personality that I find it liberating!

I can’t wait to use them! And I have hundreds (literally) of tags, so this is a project that could be never ending. Maybe for holidays, I’ll make some that are color appropriate for each particular holiday. The possibilities are endless!

+ + + + + + + + + +

A couple more of my craft books came into the library and I was very excited to get them on Saturday:

The only issue with getting these kinds of books from the library is that the patterns are never with the books. Oh well. I’ll try to do at least one project from each of these books (to add to my ‘Craft To Do’ list!).

Since free time is scarce these days, I am realizing that I need to better plan my weekends to make the most out of them. It is hard only having 2 days (one of which a lot of stores are not open) to get everything done – I guess I am just getting used to being a normal person 😉 I had a great run with my life of leisure. I am really liking my job and not really annoyed with it or anything like that, so that is quite good (especially since it’s only been 3 days!).

+ + + + + + + + + +

Look at this lovely, unexpected gift we got in the mail this weekend:

It is a gorgeous, textured orange leather photo album! With our last name and Richmond, VA on the front. T, the giver (and Junior League of Richmond president!), included a few photos of Boom and I with her at different events through the years. It was so surprising and so beautiful – exactly what a gift should be – I love it! I can’t wait to fill it with RIC photos!


2 responses to “Crafts… and other stuff

  1. I am going to miss craft Mondays! We will have to start up craft Sunday afternoons when I get back from working in DFW.

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