Just 8 Minutes

Poor Boom, early in  the Patriots – Chiefs game, and Brady was tackled and taken off the field.  Very sadly, seems like Brady has torn his ACL and is out for the season.

Boom bemoaned to me that he didn’t need DirectTV now for the NFL package, since his Pats future was uncertain, at best.

I was all, Weren’t people worried when Drew Bledsoe was injured and a no-name backup QB took over?  Maybe this new guy, Cassell, will rise to the occasion like Brady did.

And now Brady will have more time to enjoy his NetJets – doesn’t sound too bad to me!


3 responses to “Just 8 Minutes

  1. I saw the news this morning and thought of you guys! That stinks, but hopefully the 2nd string qb can rise to the occasion!

  2. I can’t even talk about it….it still upsets me. It truly sucks!

  3. Torn ACL & MCL. Sounds like he has to wait a month for the MCL to heal and then will have reconstructive surgery on the ACL. This will be followed by 6 to 9 mos of rehabilitation. Awesome. Just Awesome.

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