1LCB Project

These days, it doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day!  I got up extra early this morning so I could clean the kitchen and tidy up a bit.  Tonight, my friend / interior designer, S, came over around 615pm, to talk about wallpapering the back of the bookshelves and the remainder of the den before her trip(soon she is leaving on a jet plane to go to England and India!). She marked the locations and sizes of our furniture – which is really helpful when trying to visualize. Anyway, she stayed until about 745pm – and I knew I still had a craft project in front of me.

My co-worker’s birthday is Friday, but we are celebrating tomorrow at lunch (as she is taking Friday and Monday off!) – so I wanted to make her a little something.  Mainly because she is a sewer like me.  And from looking through my library book, Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, I knew what I wanted to make – a felt needle book (little book to hold needles and pins)!  The project would do double duty – the finished product would be a cute (hopefully) gift for my new friend, but it also serves as a great first library craft book project!

This project is the first one in the book – and is a “2 Hour and Under” project.  And it was – the majority of my time was spent ironing the interfacing onto the fabric that I stamped:

So here is my fabric with the interfacing on the backside, and the ‘S’ stamped on it – this ‘S’ will become the patch that I sew on the front of the booklet.

I did make some changes – the book called for a felt cover and “pages” made of flannel.  Well, I couldn’t find my flannel, so I just made pages out of a different color felt (which I kinda feel is better, since felt does not fray, and flannel could).  My felt booklet had 4 pages, whereas the book called for 6 flannel pages.  I did this to reduce bulk.

I also pinked the edges of my cover – which I really liked.  I also stamped an initial, and didn’t run fabric through an inkjet printer, like the book called for.  But the end result, a word or letter on fabric, was the same.

Here is my finished felt booklet:
Front cover

Inside pages (this is why it is a needle book)

I liked how it turned out!  And I was really pressed for time (as I was hungry!) – so I think I made it in about 1.5 hours.  Next time it will be even quicker since I already have interfacing ironed onto fabric.

And since the presentation is nearly as important as the finished product…

Isn’t it cute?!  I love how my tag looks with it – and am happy to get to use one!


2 responses to “1LCB Project

  1. Soooo – How was the gift received? I assume with great excitement and gratefullness?

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