Ike-y Ike

On the way to and from work, I listen to NPR. I am a little addicted! Anyway, I wasn’t really thinking about Ike / hurricanes / rain / wind too much this morning, as it was lovely outside (as it is right now – well, a little humid, but that is par for the course). Then I hear that there are zip codes in in Harris county (that is where I live!) that are being evacuated! And that the mayor is asking for non-vital business to close tomorrow! Wha?! Crazyness.

When I got into work, my boss, who used to work for the Red Cross, was talking about how she went to Target before coming into work and all the bread and batteries were sold out! and how she got a rechargable lantern, etc. I started to get a little freaked out and worried. Boom calls me at my desk (pretending to be a donor, and I was fooled for about a millisecond) and tells me that we need to get some non-perishable food, as it looks like we really are going to be hit by Ike!

By the time I got back from my HR orientation, an email has gone out saying that we are free to leave at noon. And that work is cancelled tomorrow. I go into talk to my co-worker and boss – which just scares me and makes me anxious to leave to get food. By the time I am in my car headed to the grocery store, I am all jacked up and nervous! Probably not the best way to drive. But I made it to the grocery store and bought $150 worth of mainly non-perishable food, so I think we are set in that regards.

and that is not all of it! (and as you can see, sunlight is streaming through the windows in this photo)

I also boiled most all of our eggs so that we can have some protein in case the gas service gets disrupted. Right now, I am filtering water and putting it into containers so that we can have even more water than the case (6 gallons) that I bought. This is just for drinking. I think I am going to wash some empty bins out and put one in each bathtub upstairs to fill with water. This water we can use to flush the toilets and give to Ruby, and if need be, drink ourselves. I also need to get all the stuff we have on our back patio into the garage, or at least close to the garage. We can fill the garage up once Boom is home.

I realized that my car has less than a half tank of gas in it, so Boom is going to fill up the black car in case we need to flee. I guess we’d go to my parents house. Boom’s co-worker also gave him the key to his apartment at the Four Seasons, so we can always hunker down there. Though I can’t imagine being in H-town and not at our house, but if everything is shut off in our neighborhood, the Four Seasons wouldn’t be too bad (and I could see if the valets remembered me!).

Currently, the sky is darkening and the wind is visibly picking up (less than 10 minutes from when I took the photo above). That is the crazy thing about Texas weather, it can just sweep in with no warning. Everyone at work is worried about the winds – and so I hope that our windows can handle high MPH gusts of wind. Hopefully by the time Ike gets to us it will just be some rain and some wind, but nothing too devastating. I’ll keep you posted!


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