Calm before the storm

This morning on Ruby’s morning walk, the day was beautiful!  Sun shining, wind blowing, not too much humidity.  So clearly something is brewing – not quite right.  And it was eerie – the neighborhood was so quite, and then seeing the West U city building and police department with all their windows plywooded up was really kind of scary!

It looks like it is just a matter of time before it gets to H-town… Galveston, which is less than an hour away, is totally getting pounded.  It still seems so weird to me that it can be so beautiful here right now, but in just a matter of minutes, it could change!  Right now ~10am (just an hour to hour and half or so after I was walking Ruby), the wind is picking up and the sun seems to be behind some clouds.

Yesterday, I was telling folks I had never been through a hurricane.  And I realized that I was lying!  5 years ago, just a couple months after we had moved to Richmond, we lived through Gaston.  It was just like a big storm – and then we didn’t have electricity for over a week.

I am just glad that Boom is home with RuRu and I today.  ‘Tis comforting just to be together. (and Harris county is closed today, so we aren’t really allowed to be out and about).  I really hope their predictions of “certain death” (words not used since Katrina) are blown out of proportion.  The news is on and it is making me nervous!


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