miss you, internet

We haven’t had power since Friday – and thus, no internet. We are fine, really lucky, compared to a lot of people in Galveston and that area closer to the coast. Even in out neighborhood, there were quite a few big trees down.

So we’ve holed up in a hotel downtown – and it has been nice not having to go to bed at 830 pm (tealights are pretty weak at that time of night). And we got to watch GG – which I love!!! But I did rerally enjoy Boom and I’s nightly Scrabble game via candlelight. I lost the first night, but then won resoundly the next 2 games.

And I got really creative during daylight hours – working on non-electrical crafts. Will post photos when I am not blogging from my blackberry.

Work is scheduled to be open tomorrow – and I am ready to go back, but a little piece of me hopes that the building is not open so I can head to the pool. Just a tiny part, though.


2 responses to “miss you, internet

  1. Internet – I do not miss you. Thanks for releasing your vice-like grip on my wife.

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