Ole Virginny

I am back in the RIC for a short bit before heading over tomorrow to Wintergreen for a wedding this weekend – and it has been kinda weird to be back.  I have seen 2 friends that can’t make the large dinner tonight, and that was great.  K and S seem to be doing very well.  K’s youngest son has gotten so much bigger – and he’s talking and doing really great.  He was the kiddo I raced K to the hospital to have, months early.  So I love seeing him doing so well!  And S – she has had a time of it recently!  She fell (badly) and had to be induced 2 1/2 weeks early so that she could have surgery on her wrist a few days later.  Her new son is adorable!  So teeny!  S now has a metal plate in her wrist and 8 screws holding everything together.  She also sprained her thumb and tore her ankle ligament (which in turn chipped a bone)  – so she is in a boot and 2 wrist things.

I also went by our East Coast home – and it looks great.  I am really sad it hasn’t sold yet, on many fronts.  But mainly because we loved that place so much – it is a GREAT house and I just want someone to come and love it like we did.  But being in there – it seemed so small!  I guess it is all about perspective.  Now that I live in a honker that is mainly empty, my former row house seems to be on the small side.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing lots more folks this evening.  I’ll take some snaps, I am sure, and share later on!  Good to be back on the blogging bandwagon after my forced hiatus.  Not sure if I will have internet access in Wintergreen, and we still don’t have power, so could be facing another forced hiatus when we head back to H-town.


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