Crisis Adverted

This morning, after going to RIC Seals (which was so awesome!  Glad I listened to Boom’s advice to go, even though it was at my least favorite workout spot – BP), I met a friend for coffee and then headed over to the local organic grocery store to pick up some provisions for breakfast tomorrow morning (since we will be at a rental house in Wintergreen).  Somewhere between parking at Ellwood Thompsons and getting the 5 things I needed from inside the store, I LOST the CAR key.  Key to a car that IS NOT MINE!  I was totally freaking out, a little bit.  I figured they had to be in the store, so I was retracing my steps.  The manager started to help, and was asking his employees if they had found a black car key in the last five minutes.  It was mildly embarrassing.

We couldn’t find it in the store, so I went out to look in the parking lot (again).  I opened the door (luckily it was not locked), my phone was ringing and it was Boom, I was bemoaning how I had lost the car key (he was all, how did you lose the car key?!) and looked down slightly below where I land when I exit the large SUV (Landcruiser – love it!), and there was the key!  WHEW!  I was so relieved!  I have not felt that incompetent in a LONG time.  Stevie is in DC today, so I would have had to call her to get her fiancee’s number to have him come get me, after telling him I lost the key to his car that he is graciously letting me use!

They car key was attached to the keychain with just a temp keyring – like what they use for your key when you valet.  So it was not very sturdily attached.  I had noticed that before and was a little concerned, but clearly not enough to act.  I am just so glad I was able to find it!  I guess I am not a total idiot, just partially.


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