Fun fun fun!

Last night I got to see a whole bunch of friends – Stevie was great enough to organize a little gathering at Can Can, a great restaurant and bar that is big and has lots of parking.  and it was SO great getting to catch up with so many folks!

And there’s lots of news… Scooter is engaged… Ims has a new job… Em had a fun time at the Biltmore in Asheville… Poindexter is kicking a$$ at her new job (I would expect nothing less!)… K is loving Alexandria… Ali and Charles are going to Maine for vacation… Stevie is rolling out lots of new stuff at work and it is going over quite well… Gretty is super busy with the fiscal year end for her law firm.  It was just so nice to see so many folks all at once!  Not pictured, Trav – the lone male – he sat and had a drink with us when we were waiting for our food – he is still a man of leisure, but looking to see if he can get a work permit for London.  Good stuff.

Dinner was the old (cool) Bunko group – Stevie, Em, K, Poindexter and me!  That was super fun, getting to really catch up with those cats.  I have known most of those ladies for nearly 5 years – my entire time in the RIC.  And it was the JLR that brought us together, so I have high hopes for the JLH!

It was a great night and I really am thankful I have so many great friends, even if they are now thousands of miles away.

{as an unrelated sidenote, I have downloaded Facebook for iPhoto – so I can easily export photos onto Facebook and tag people in the pics as well!  I see a great time waster ahead…}


2 responses to “Fun fun fun!

  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Now it’s time to get settled after the storm!

  2. So great seeing you – come back soon!

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