No-electricity Craft

As soon as Ike arrived, we had no electricity.  For about a week.  It was a huge pain in the arse.  And because the cold front did not come through immediately after Ike (it took a few days), it was still hot during the time where we were cleaning up the yard.

As Boom eluded to in his last comments, I could not be outside for more than 10 seconds before hordes of mosquitoes desended on me and starting eating my flesh.  For that reason, I was not much help with the debris clean up in the back and front yard.  And since we didn’t have any water during the first few days after Ike, I couldn’t use bug spray because I would have no way to get it off.

So I had to find something to do to with the daylight hours – I really wanted to sew, but the sewing machine requires electricity.  My answer – decoupage!  (Paper glued on something using mod podge to glue and/or seal)  I kind of got obsessed – I had a few things set aside that I wanted to decoupage anyway, but never had any time, so this was the perfect chance!

Here are the fruits of my labor:

2 round containers with lids, 2 box bottoms with no tops, and 1 box with a lid (far right).  It was a little addictive – I would have decoupaged more, but I had nothing else to decoupage!  The cute paper on the little round container and in the middle of the box with a lid is Martha Stewart, of course.  I really think Yarbs and I need to get more fun punches!  She has a great butterfly punch, and I have a flower punch, but I want more!

Just a bit of advice to those who will be decoupaging in the future – for the larger box, I glued the paper down with a glue stick and then put the mod podge on top (’cause it was faster and easier), and that was not as effective as using the mod podge as the glue and then also on top.  Which is a bit more time consuming and messy, but if you use mod podge as the glue instead of a glue stick, you get fewer air bubbles than when you use a glue stick.  (Exciting stuff, I know!)


One response to “No-electricity Craft

  1. I think your crafts are cool. What will you use all of these decoup items for?

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