Kandy A’s Wedding

Last weekend we were in Wintergreen, Virginia, for our friend, Kandy A’s marriage to Jams (aka Brokeback). It was a great time! Boom and I rented a great house with our friends, Immy (& boyfriend), Gretty and Cubs. So nice to see them and to get to hang out! And the weather was phenomenal – chilly! We had to heat on in the house and I was basically cold the whole time. Hard to imagine, back in H-town. (Tho it has gotten cooler here – nights and early mornings are quite enjoyable!)

Friday night – Rehearsal dinner: Very casual, bbq and bluegrass.

Kandy A & I.

The gang.

Kandy A & Jams -the happy couple! You can kind of see here how ripped Kandy A is – she was looking very thin and muscular! She is an ultramarathoner – she has done the double Boston a multitude of times!

I really wish I had thought about and prepared a little toast. My surprise coming home party (after finishing the Atacama Desert race) was the night of Kandy A and Brokeback’s first blind date. I remember her telling me that he had 2 marks aganist him, before she even met him! 1) he was a lawyer, and 2) he used hair gel (told to her by the gal – his stepsister – that set them up! side note – he no longer uses product in his hair). AND Boom and I saw them the night they got engaged! It was the same night as the Richmond SPCA’s FurBall. Kandy A told us how Jams proposed, and Boom and I took that and used some creative license to reenact the proposal to Cubs and Immy, whom we saw later that night. But I didn’t – I blame Stupid Ike – he caused a lot of stress and I was unable to think of much else.

Saturday morning of the wedding, Kandy A asked Johnny M, leader of RIC Seals, to do a special workout. He was happy to oblige – there were 10 of us, all RIC Seals members (or former members). So we went all the way down the mountain, stopping at various spots to do pushups and situps and dips, etc. Unfort, since we went all the way down, we had to make it back up the mountain! I think we went down and then back up 1000 feet! The only one who was be-bopping up the mountain was Kandy A! We were all just trying to keep up! I think I was the first one to start walking – hey, I am used to being at sea level, and the Virginia mountain altitude really got to me 😉

Wedding ceremony was very nice – outside and Kandy A looked so beautiful!!!!

Kandy A was wearing a gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gown – it was strapless and fitted and had a mermaid train. Just perfect for Kandy A and she looked so awesome!

Her hair was beautiful as well! Even from the back – which is the view that I had. Evidently it took a long time to do. Well worth the time!

Reception was fun! The band had Ben Folds’ brother (as in Ben Folds Five) – Chuck Folds – in it.

Their first dance was to a Ben Folds Five song – very untraditional but perfect for them!

Delta Force – back together again!

There were quite a few Seal Team members in attendance, along with Johnny M. So you know what that means….

All the ladies lifted Kandy A – with Johnny M on the mic, leading the counting!!! Don’t worry, it was first brought up by Kandy A (so clearly she wanted it to happen) and people cleared it with both her mom and dad.

Here we are with Johnny M and his wife.

The reception ended around 11pm, but it was so dark and we were so tired, that it felt like it was 2am! Cubs and Gretty got up at the crack to get Boom and I back to RIC for our 930am flight – it was early! but good to be back in H-town (with electricity) relatively early on Sunday.

A very good time overall – really great to share in their special weekend while getting to see good friends and other random Seal Team members!


One response to “Kandy A’s Wedding

  1. wait til you see the official pics! there is one of me hugging you and it’s very clear that I’m so pumped to see you!

    Thank you for coming to be a special part of our day/weekend and being such a special part of our lives.

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