Weekend purchases

I got a harried txt msg from my friend / interior designer on Friday – Go to Brown on W. Alabama!  They are having a huge sale – you can get floor lamps, table lamps and tchoskies.

I decided that Boom and I should go to Brown (I had been there before – and liked the stuff she has!) right when it opened on Saturday.  So, after running 10 miles, we headed over to Brown and were there by 10:04am.  I figured it would be best to be there early to get the pick of the litter and I had a work brunch that I had to be at by 1130am, so we were on a kinda tight schedule.

Brown has a ton of old / new / vintage / antique lighting – and a little bit of furniture and random tchoskies.  We ended up getting a bunch of stuff!  And at a pretty good price, but it was still a lot to purchase all at once.

A “trophy” lamp – could be used in Boom’s office, or maybe in the living room.  It is quite large – somehow in the store it didn’t seem that big to us.  It’s old, but newly rewired.

An old, handmade milk jug.  I think this is so cute!  And I love how it looks in the house – gives the hallway more personality and is really nice to have something old and beautiful in such a new house.

An old Belgium table – wood top with an iron base.  It is heavy (per Boom, who had to carry it from the store to the car, and then from car to inside house).  I am not sure where we will use it – maybe as a coffee table in the upstairs landing media area?  Regardless, I really love it so it will be put to good use somewhere.

An awesome chandelier!  I love love LOVE this piece!  It is an original design of Jill Brown (store owner) – she uses old parts that she gets in Europe, and fashions them into a chandelier.  So it has the feeling of something old, but works like new.  And it is huge – 4 feet long!  But that is perfect for our living room – it has high ceilings.  So we’ll be getting rid of our ceiling fan and putting this chandy in it’s place.  It will really help lower the ceiling.  And the blue-ish gray paint is perfect for our color scheme!

Boom and the shop owner really bonded after I had left for my brunch – he had to get the checkbook – so when he came back, they really chatted it up.  Which is great – she seems like a nice lady – and has great taste!  She really loves the things she is selling.  I want 2 of the same ceiling lanterns to put over the rectangular kitchen table we’ll be getting at some point.  and I suspect I’ll be getting them from Brown.

Slowly but surely we are getting the living room in order.  Just have multiple rooms to go (and the living room is not done, by any stretch of the imagination)!  My mantra – it’s a marathon not a sprint!


3 responses to “Weekend purchases

  1. I am quite happy with the purchases as well. All neat and unique items. It will take a while, but like Tingaline says baby steps.

  2. slowly and surely, you will get all the rooms furnished beautifully…..

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