A Gift…

My good friend, K, is having a birthday soon! So I figured I would make her my favorite gift – a shoe bag.

I think it turned out quite well! She loves to travel, so I thought it would be a perfect gift! I stamped her initials on it and then embroidered “shoes”.  (I used bias tape to cover the raw seams on the inside.  There is another drawstring tut here that I will try sometime soon – it is reversable!  So no raw seams.)

Great news – I stumbled upon the site that I got the shoe back tutorial from – yay! Thank you, Sommer Designs, for the great tut! Check it out here to make your own! (She seems to be a prolific crafter – I need to be making more!)

I also did a shoe bag for my sister for her trip to Ibiza – check it out here.  And here is the first drawstring shoe bag that I ever made – it is me in my green jacket!


2 responses to “A Gift…

  1. it’s a nice and practical gift, I’m sure your friend will love it….

  2. Love those shoe bags!

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