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Fun fun fun!

Last night I got to see a whole bunch of friends – Stevie was great enough to organize a little gathering at Can Can, a great restaurant and bar that is big and has lots of parking.  and it was SO great getting to catch up with so many folks!

And there’s lots of news… Scooter is engaged… Ims has a new job… Em had a fun time at the Biltmore in Asheville… Poindexter is kicking a$$ at her new job (I would expect nothing less!)… K is loving Alexandria… Ali and Charles are going to Maine for vacation… Stevie is rolling out lots of new stuff at work and it is going over quite well… Gretty is super busy with the fiscal year end for her law firm.  It was just so nice to see so many folks all at once!  Not pictured, Trav – the lone male – he sat and had a drink with us when we were waiting for our food – he is still a man of leisure, but looking to see if he can get a work permit for London.  Good stuff.

Dinner was the old (cool) Bunko group – Stevie, Em, K, Poindexter and me!  That was super fun, getting to really catch up with those cats.  I have known most of those ladies for nearly 5 years – my entire time in the RIC.  And it was the JLR that brought us together, so I have high hopes for the JLH!

It was a great night and I really am thankful I have so many great friends, even if they are now thousands of miles away.

{as an unrelated sidenote, I have downloaded Facebook for iPhoto – so I can easily export photos onto Facebook and tag people in the pics as well!  I see a great time waster ahead…}


Crisis Adverted

This morning, after going to RIC Seals (which was so awesome!  Glad I listened to Boom’s advice to go, even though it was at my least favorite workout spot – BP), I met a friend for coffee and then headed over to the local organic grocery store to pick up some provisions for breakfast tomorrow morning (since we will be at a rental house in Wintergreen).  Somewhere between parking at Ellwood Thompsons and getting the 5 things I needed from inside the store, I LOST the CAR key.  Key to a car that IS NOT MINE!  I was totally freaking out, a little bit.  I figured they had to be in the store, so I was retracing my steps.  The manager started to help, and was asking his employees if they had found a black car key in the last five minutes.  It was mildly embarrassing.

We couldn’t find it in the store, so I went out to look in the parking lot (again).  I opened the door (luckily it was not locked), my phone was ringing and it was Boom, I was bemoaning how I had lost the car key (he was all, how did you lose the car key?!) and looked down slightly below where I land when I exit the large SUV (Landcruiser – love it!), and there was the key!  WHEW!  I was so relieved!  I have not felt that incompetent in a LONG time.  Stevie is in DC today, so I would have had to call her to get her fiancee’s number to have him come get me, after telling him I lost the key to his car that he is graciously letting me use!

They car key was attached to the keychain with just a temp keyring – like what they use for your key when you valet.  So it was not very sturdily attached.  I had noticed that before and was a little concerned, but clearly not enough to act.  I am just so glad I was able to find it!  I guess I am not a total idiot, just partially.

Ole Virginny

I am back in the RIC for a short bit before heading over tomorrow to Wintergreen for a wedding this weekend – and it has been kinda weird to be back.  I have seen 2 friends that can’t make the large dinner tonight, and that was great.  K and S seem to be doing very well.  K’s youngest son has gotten so much bigger – and he’s talking and doing really great.  He was the kiddo I raced K to the hospital to have, months early.  So I love seeing him doing so well!  And S – she has had a time of it recently!  She fell (badly) and had to be induced 2 1/2 weeks early so that she could have surgery on her wrist a few days later.  Her new son is adorable!  So teeny!  S now has a metal plate in her wrist and 8 screws holding everything together.  She also sprained her thumb and tore her ankle ligament (which in turn chipped a bone)  – so she is in a boot and 2 wrist things.

I also went by our East Coast home – and it looks great.  I am really sad it hasn’t sold yet, on many fronts.  But mainly because we loved that place so much – it is a GREAT house and I just want someone to come and love it like we did.  But being in there – it seemed so small!  I guess it is all about perspective.  Now that I live in a honker that is mainly empty, my former row house seems to be on the small side.

Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing lots more folks this evening.  I’ll take some snaps, I am sure, and share later on!  Good to be back on the blogging bandwagon after my forced hiatus.  Not sure if I will have internet access in Wintergreen, and we still don’t have power, so could be facing another forced hiatus when we head back to H-town.

miss you, internet

We haven’t had power since Friday – and thus, no internet. We are fine, really lucky, compared to a lot of people in Galveston and that area closer to the coast. Even in out neighborhood, there were quite a few big trees down.

So we’ve holed up in a hotel downtown – and it has been nice not having to go to bed at 830 pm (tealights are pretty weak at that time of night). And we got to watch GG – which I love!!! But I did rerally enjoy Boom and I’s nightly Scrabble game via candlelight. I lost the first night, but then won resoundly the next 2 games.

And I got really creative during daylight hours – working on non-electrical crafts. Will post photos when I am not blogging from my blackberry.

Work is scheduled to be open tomorrow – and I am ready to go back, but a little piece of me hopes that the building is not open so I can head to the pool. Just a tiny part, though.

I knew there was a reason I liked Matt Cassel…

and any male that is willing to sing BSB and NKOTB songs!

Check him out here!

(For those who don’t know who Matt Cassel is – he was the backup QB for the Patriots, but with Brady’s injury, he is now the starting quarterback!)

Calm before the storm

This morning on Ruby’s morning walk, the day was beautiful!  Sun shining, wind blowing, not too much humidity.  So clearly something is brewing – not quite right.  And it was eerie – the neighborhood was so quite, and then seeing the West U city building and police department with all their windows plywooded up was really kind of scary!

It looks like it is just a matter of time before it gets to H-town… Galveston, which is less than an hour away, is totally getting pounded.  It still seems so weird to me that it can be so beautiful here right now, but in just a matter of minutes, it could change!  Right now ~10am (just an hour to hour and half or so after I was walking Ruby), the wind is picking up and the sun seems to be behind some clouds.

Yesterday, I was telling folks I had never been through a hurricane.  And I realized that I was lying!  5 years ago, just a couple months after we had moved to Richmond, we lived through Gaston.  It was just like a big storm – and then we didn’t have electricity for over a week.

I am just glad that Boom is home with RuRu and I today.  ‘Tis comforting just to be together. (and Harris county is closed today, so we aren’t really allowed to be out and about).  I really hope their predictions of “certain death” (words not used since Katrina) are blown out of proportion.  The news is on and it is making me nervous!

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years

Very sad day in our recent history, and I was amazed to hear that it had been 7 years since the attacks on the  World Trade Center.

I was in Canada, at SAP training for my consulting gig.  I realized, after the attacks, that although Canada may be attached to America and Canadians looks similar to many Americans, it is not America.  When the footage was being show and everyone in class was watching, they all looked at me, and not with a ton of sympathy.  I guess the newness of it all could attribute to their attitude, and not knowing how many lives would be lost, but I found them to be very “you guys” in terms of Americans.  I really had never felt so alone in my life.  Not only was I far from home and Boom and family and friends, I was in a foreign land.  Lucky for me, I was able to drive home (through the night to miss the long border control traffic jams, which I did) and got home much quicker than many Americans abroad.

I guess I never realized what a bond it is to just merely be an American.  Well, that is not true, but certainly I had never felt it so strongly as I did on 9/11/01.  {When I travel to Asia, and look more like the people in the Far East, my American-ness comes through, because, though I may not be blonde and blue eyed, I have much more in common with other Americans than someone born in China or Taiwan.}

Anyway, just wanted to take some time to pause and reflect.  I am grateful that I didn’t loose a loved one on that day, and I want to cry for those people who did.