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(Thanks, Al, for the cute photo!)

Happy Halloween to all!  This week has been quite busy, and there is no end in sight!  Boom and I are quite excited for Halloween – I’ll be dressed up as a GoGo dancer (thanks, Yarbs, for the costume!) and he’s going to be a groovy 60’s dude

I love weddings!

(and stealing blog titles from Yarbs!!)

Weddings are great, especially family ones, since it seems to be the only time that we get to see the extended fam.  Thom and Suz got married a couple years ago, so Boom and I got to see most everyone from Dad’s side then.

This past weekend my cousin Amy got married to Mick  – fun times!

All of Dad’s sisters live on the east coast, within a few hours of each other, so all the other cousins and aunties seem to see each other a lot more than we do.  I guess that is the great thing about family – no matter how much time goes by, they are still your family!

What a funny, great photo!  Love it!

My Cuties

I oft times think I am the luckiest gal in the whole world, due in part by these two:

Boom! (a cute photo of BabyBoom, to make up for the silly bday photo I posted)



Both are so cute and make me happy!

Ball-ey Ball

I had seen this fabric beach ball tutorial on The Purl Bee a while back that I thought looked so cute, but didn’t have a good reason to make one… until now…

This coming weekend is my cousin A’s wedding in Atlantic City (why she wouldn’t just choose Vegas is beyond me, but whatever).  Will be great to see Dad and the rest of our extended fam on his side.  My cousin – in – law (married to my cousin Thom), Suze, is expecting a baby girl (yay!) so my Aunt Betty is having a little family shower for her.  So I wanted to make something for her – and it was a great excuse to try a new tutorial!

Here’s my ball:

I think it turned out pretty cute!  The tutorial was great – very thorough and complete (thanks, Purl Bee!).  And it wasn’t too hard to make – just a bit of hand sewing that isn’t my favorite, but I am getting better.  The top (and bottom) round things were sewn by hand, and the opening after stuffing it was also sewn by hand.  That was the most difficult part, but I worked it out.  I think it could use a bit more stuffing, but too late for this ball.  Maybe next time.

I also made her 2 matching burpies:

(Does it seem weird to use black ribbon?  I figure, babies can be chic like us, and don’t need to have everything be pastels!)  While I was making these, I realized that I am a better machine sewer than I once was – these were easy peasy to make, whereas a few years ago I would have struggled a bit.  I was pleased at the realization.

So here is her final shower gift:

Cute, useful and made with love.  I hope she likes it all!

Who Does That?!

Spotted, in the Cancan parking lot earlier this year, when we still lived in Richmond:

If you can’t see what that is, it is a MONOGRAMMED car door! I mean, who does that?! I would never in a million years think to monogram my car door. I think that it is kinda odd… Sam, mt friend who was with me, said she had seen monogrammed car doors on nicer cars, but even that is weird to me. Why ruin a perfectly nice car door with a cheesy painted monogram?

Monograms are popular in the RIC, but I guess since Sam has seen them before it is not just a local yocal thing. Very peculiar, but I guess different things float people’s boats.

Too bad I don’t have a photo of Ruby’s hind left quarter… I was so inspired by the monogrammed car door, that I (carefully) shaved my monogram into her coat!

Long Dresses are the worst!

For work, I need to have a long, fancy dress for Opening night (which is Friday). Of course I wait until the last minute – on Monday night, I skipped class to go to the Galleria (blah). I hate shopping when I have to buy one very specific item, esp. one that can get very pricey, that I don’t really like all that much.

And the Galleria is huge! Since I didn’t know where stores were located, I passed many of the same places multiple times. It was sweet (ha). And this shopping excursion made me realize that there are SO MANY cute short dresses, that I would have paid 2X what I paid for the long dress – I love short dresses and they are so much less cheesy than long ones. (That is my main complaint – most of the long dresses I saw were so cheesy and not modern.) Oh well.

I did find a really cool and beautiful long gown by Vera Wang Lavender Label, but it was too small for me and also on sale, so no others to be found in my size. (Her long gowns are refreshingly simple and beautiful – not surprising!)

This is what I ended up with:

A Kay Unger dress from Ann Taylor. So it wasn’t too hugely expensive, since I likely will only wear it for work functions. And work will subsidize $100 for a dress a year. Still not happy about it, since I don’t like long dresses, but oh well. Nothing I can do.

The season starts on Friday. and everyone says how much busier we are when the season starts, but I can’t imagine being too much busier.  I think a big issue is the class I have two times a week.  That really makes my usable time during the week very short.  I thought maybe I’d take the next set of classed, but I am thinking maybe not.  I need to time to be sociable!

Saturday recap

Saturday, Neener and I were able to hit 3 museums! The Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, the Museum of Printing History and the Center for Contemporary Craft. In the 4 months that we had lived here, I didn’t go to one museum, so I love that it was Janeen who I got to go to these museums with.

We had dinner at Beavers (I do love a restaurant that has a sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously!). I had the nut burger – it was quite good! But I didn’t like the Philly mac-n-cheese. Neener got the BBQ sandwich and Boom got ribs. They liked the hot sauce:

And, according to Boom, if Ruby was a beer bottle, she’d be this one:

Then we headed to the Verizon Center to see Citizen Cope – he was AWESOME! Has an incredible voice that sounds exactly like it does on the CD – which means he is minimally produced.

It was a very mixed crowd – lots of young people, but also some older folks. And the ladies were professing their love to him – too funny! I only have 1 album of his – the one that Neener gave to me. I need to get his others.

Such a great weekend – Neener is a great, great gal. She has the best heart and is so nice and genuine and smart and interesting. Beautiful, too, to boot! and then to top it off, I went to Joanns and got a bunch of patterns for only $0.99 and 2 different fabrics for a shirt and dress for 40% off! I didn’t have any time to sew, but maybe next weekend.