Yeah, so I am a little behind the curve…

But I have finally signed up for my first swap ever!  (and you should too!  The ornaments don’t have to be homemade.)

I am quite excited!!!  I found out about it from Cathe Holden’s blog Just Something I Made.  She also designed the logo.  My former co-worker, Tucker, turned me onto her blog.  It is being organized by Beki of the blog PamperingBeki.

I will definitely be making my ornament.  Likely embroidery on felt – but I am also thinking that I may want to incorporate some vintage buttons – with some bling bling.  We’ll see… I think my friend Al and I will be exchanging ornaments as well – so that will be fun!  And I made Yarbs and Josephine half a dozen (or maybe just 4?) ornaments last year.

I love having an “assignment” for my crafting – otherwise sometimes it is hard for me to decide what to make.  Just need a few more hours in each day to to do everything I want to!


6 responses to “Yeah, so I am a little behind the curve…

  1. I’ve been spying on bloggers that link to my blog and I found your site! Ha!

    Thank you so much for linking to my blog, you made my day.

    Now, back to read more of YOURS!!

  2. If you are looking for new projects I have a few in mind.

    1) Shark-skin suit (for the clubs)
    2) Alligator skin shoes (for rolling poolside)
    3) Satin Cobra Kai Dojo warm-up track suit (for working out in the drive way)
    4) Coon skin cap (for raking the yard)

    Of course I prefer faux materials for both projects as I am against the harming of any animals big or small in pursuit of my high fashion.

  3. I would like to second a Satin warm up suit for Boom. And then I would like him to model said suit. A nice lime green would be a good color, don’t you think?

  4. Yes let’s definitely exchange ornaments this year! Although I don’t think you really want me to make yours – ha! I can be creative, but not crafty… will be somehow personalized/thoughtful though, I promise!


  5. While you may be behind the curve, you – like lil’ Ru Ru, are very curvey.

  6. Ah…I love reading your blog…but, you know what I love even more? That I get to see you THIS WEEKEND! Yippee! I can wait for my exciting visit to H-Town with the B’s 😉

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