Saturday recap

Saturday, Neener and I were able to hit 3 museums! The Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, the Museum of Printing History and the Center for Contemporary Craft. In the 4 months that we had lived here, I didn’t go to one museum, so I love that it was Janeen who I got to go to these museums with.

We had dinner at Beavers (I do love a restaurant that has a sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously!). I had the nut burger – it was quite good! But I didn’t like the Philly mac-n-cheese. Neener got the BBQ sandwich and Boom got ribs. They liked the hot sauce:

And, according to Boom, if Ruby was a beer bottle, she’d be this one:

Then we headed to the Verizon Center to see Citizen Cope – he was AWESOME! Has an incredible voice that sounds exactly like it does on the CD – which means he is minimally produced.

It was a very mixed crowd – lots of young people, but also some older folks. And the ladies were professing their love to him – too funny! I only have 1 album of his – the one that Neener gave to me. I need to get his others.

Such a great weekend – Neener is a great, great gal. She has the best heart and is so nice and genuine and smart and interesting. Beautiful, too, to boot! and then to top it off, I went to Joanns and got a bunch of patterns for only $0.99 and 2 different fabrics for a shirt and dress for 40% off! I didn’t have any time to sew, but maybe next weekend.


One response to “Saturday recap

  1. Cool photos! Looks like you were pretty close! Verizon is a great place to see live music…I actually got tickets for Duran Duran in Dec!
    Good luck with work this week. Remember to take care of yourself!

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