Long Dresses are the worst!

For work, I need to have a long, fancy dress for Opening night (which is Friday). Of course I wait until the last minute – on Monday night, I skipped class to go to the Galleria (blah). I hate shopping when I have to buy one very specific item, esp. one that can get very pricey, that I don’t really like all that much.

And the Galleria is huge! Since I didn’t know where stores were located, I passed many of the same places multiple times. It was sweet (ha). And this shopping excursion made me realize that there are SO MANY cute short dresses, that I would have paid 2X what I paid for the long dress – I love short dresses and they are so much less cheesy than long ones. (That is my main complaint – most of the long dresses I saw were so cheesy and not modern.) Oh well.

I did find a really cool and beautiful long gown by Vera Wang Lavender Label, but it was too small for me and also on sale, so no others to be found in my size. (Her long gowns are refreshingly simple and beautiful – not surprising!)

This is what I ended up with:

A Kay Unger dress from Ann Taylor. So it wasn’t too hugely expensive, since I likely will only wear it for work functions. And work will subsidize $100 for a dress a year. Still not happy about it, since I don’t like long dresses, but oh well. Nothing I can do.

The season starts on Friday. and everyone says how much busier we are when the season starts, but I can’t imagine being too much busier.  I think a big issue is the class I have two times a week.  That really makes my usable time during the week very short.  I thought maybe I’d take the next set of classed, but I am thinking maybe not.  I need to time to be sociable!


One response to “Long Dresses are the worst!

  1. I would like to see a photo of the aforementioned dress on you – I bet it looks fabulous!

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