Who Does That?!

Spotted, in the Cancan parking lot earlier this year, when we still lived in Richmond:

If you can’t see what that is, it is a MONOGRAMMED car door! I mean, who does that?! I would never in a million years think to monogram my car door. I think that it is kinda odd… Sam, mt friend who was with me, said she had seen monogrammed car doors on nicer cars, but even that is weird to me. Why ruin a perfectly nice car door with a cheesy painted monogram?

Monograms are popular in the RIC, but I guess since Sam has seen them before it is not just a local yocal thing. Very peculiar, but I guess different things float people’s boats.

Too bad I don’t have a photo of Ruby’s hind left quarter… I was so inspired by the monogrammed car door, that I (carefully) shaved my monogram into her coat!


2 responses to “Who Does That?!

  1. THAT is extremely weird. I would also be worried about stalker issues…

  2. You know, I LOVE monograms. Park has even commented that there is nothing in our house left unmonogrammed, and he’s afraid he will be next! But this completely crosses the line…..

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