Ball-ey Ball

I had seen this fabric beach ball tutorial on The Purl Bee a while back that I thought looked so cute, but didn’t have a good reason to make one… until now…

This coming weekend is my cousin A’s wedding in Atlantic City (why she wouldn’t just choose Vegas is beyond me, but whatever).  Will be great to see Dad and the rest of our extended fam on his side.  My cousin – in – law (married to my cousin Thom), Suze, is expecting a baby girl (yay!) so my Aunt Betty is having a little family shower for her.  So I wanted to make something for her – and it was a great excuse to try a new tutorial!

Here’s my ball:

I think it turned out pretty cute!  The tutorial was great – very thorough and complete (thanks, Purl Bee!).  And it wasn’t too hard to make – just a bit of hand sewing that isn’t my favorite, but I am getting better.  The top (and bottom) round things were sewn by hand, and the opening after stuffing it was also sewn by hand.  That was the most difficult part, but I worked it out.  I think it could use a bit more stuffing, but too late for this ball.  Maybe next time.

I also made her 2 matching burpies:

(Does it seem weird to use black ribbon?  I figure, babies can be chic like us, and don’t need to have everything be pastels!)  While I was making these, I realized that I am a better machine sewer than I once was – these were easy peasy to make, whereas a few years ago I would have struggled a bit.  I was pleased at the realization.

So here is her final shower gift:

Cute, useful and made with love.  I hope she likes it all!


5 responses to “Ball-ey Ball

  1. I love them – they are so cute! What do you think I should bring as a gift?

  2. I got them a monograming kit. Figure they could use it for the baby’s butt and their car door.

  3. So cute Tinger! Consider yourself light years ahead of me on a sewing machine, as I have never even tried it. And I agree, babies can be chic too – they don’t need everything in pastels by any means!!

  4. have fun in Atlantic city and the shower….

  5. i’m only just now getting around to reading this blog entry, and good thing, too! i had no idea that betty was throwing that shower, and i think she was very pleased at how surprised i was.

    i love love love the ball and burp cloths, and i can’t wait to use them. and i agree, babies should have accents of black and be chic like us! a friend of mine has a book called “urban babies wear black,” and its got cute little illustrations of things like “urban babies drink lattes.” i may have to buy that book.

    thanks again for the unique and hand made gifts! i’m sure i’ll get many compliments on them.

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