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Happy Turkey Day!


Hope everyone is stuffing their faces, surrounded by friends and family!  Since there will be no Tofurkey, I’ll be noshing on all the delicious sides! (Many thanks to Cathe Holden for the turkey graphic!)



So it was a really good weekend – Friday night we spent with friends, and one of my greatest friends (who lives in DC) – Coco – got engaged!!!! I am sooooo SOOOOOOOOO excited for her and Eben! They are such a cute couple – at least in photos. I’ve actually not met him yet – something we are going to try to remedy on Wednesday (he is from the Boston area as well, so we will rendezvous in Massachusetts).

Coco is just so great – you become a better person just by being her friend!  She definitely had to much through some toads to get to her prince (and he is age appropriate!), but seems to be very worth it.  She’s never been as happy as she has been this last year!  Boom and I are also excited for selfish reasons – I hope there are some couple’s trips in our future!

table1 table2

Saturday I got to hang out with my friend who is also helping me with the house (she is an interior designer) – we went to lots of fun stores!  I think we may have found a trestle table for our kitchen! It was nice to see her – seems like we haven’t hung out in quite a while!


(Yarbs and I in Costa Rica – Christmas 2006)

And Sunday, Boom went to yogidy with me!!!  Then breakfast at Buffalo Grille (yummy!) – Yarbs me us there.  Then it was finally time for Craft Sunday Afternoon.  We were scrappin’ fools!  We did 4 layouts each – and 1 was a two page spread!  Lots of photos got scrapped.

Good time – just made the weekend pass really quickly!  And tomorrow we are headed to FW to marm and dads – then Wed morning we are headed to the Cape!  I can’t believe it is nearly Thanksgiving – where did November go?!

Table 1


Friday night, my friend E.K. invited Boom and I out, along with four other couples, to celebrate Tan’s (her boyfriend) birthday – at a surprise dinner at Bedford, a new restaurant in the Heights.  She is an interior designer and worked on part of the restaurant – it was a beautiful space!

We got to sit at Table 1 – the chef’s table!  The chef’s table wasn’t supposed to be open for another 2 weeks, but Chef was nice enough to accommodate E.K. and it was a really great experience.  We had 7 courses – and he wasn’t even put out by my pescetarianism.


Here’s EK and Tan – cute couple!  (Side note – they are headed to Hawaii for Thanksgiving!  For a week – from Wed to Wed – what fun!)

img_2039 img_2034

Here’s the view from Table 1 – Chef busy preparing the food!  He seemed very interesting and talked about his food – it was cool!  I just wish we could hear him better, but oh well.  And this was such a perfect gift for Tan as he really enjoys cooking!


Oh Boom – such a cutie!  And check out his new blazer – not too shabby!  He was in dire need of a new one, so glad he got it.


Boom enjoying some of the food!  I thought I wasn’t going to be full, but after 7 courses, I was quite full!


Here’s some of the delicious tastes that we had – everything was very tasty!  Most of the tasting were not even on the menu – so special!!!  I wish I had taken a photo of dessert – it was quite yummy – some sort of a berry concoction, but literally it was in my belly before I realized it!  Boom even gave me some of his, nice boy.


This is the whole gang that celebrated Tan’s birthday.

img_2060 img_2061

With Chef Gatsby – Tan was tickled the entire night!  EK did a great job with the whole night – and Tan really, really loved it!


It was a great experience – that was the first time I had ever sat at the Chef’s table!  I felt so fancy and special!  And a little drunk – each courses had it’s own wine / sparkling wine / sake pairing.  I am not so much a fan of sake, so Boom got a double dose of sake (blah).

Fun times in H-town!  It is starting to feel like home!

But it is only November…

The last time we were in the Galleria, SANTA was already out, waiting for little kiddies!  No takers, I am glad to say.  It is way too early for Santa, if you ask me.  Thanksgiving hasn’t even occurred yet.

But, I already sent off my first (and likely only) ornament for the ornament swap I signed up for.  I built on what I had started last year – and incorporated some bling!

I think they turned out pretty cute!

img_2022 These are all of the ones I have made thus far.

img_2025 I think this one turned out the best, so I just mailed it off this morning to my ornament swap person.  I am just worried they will not like it!  Oh well.

img_2024 So here is my 2009 collection so far.

I have been winning eBay lots of rhinestone buttons – some vintage, some not.  And that is the bling that I am using for this years ornaments.  I’ve had a bunch of friends get married, so I am thinking maybe a heart shape would be apropos for this year as well.

I’d like to find some other ornament swaps, but not sure if I am too late and not really sure at all where to find them.  And with work, I have had no time to troll around the blog-sphere.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Oh well, just means I get to keep all the ornaments I make – or at least choose whom to give them to!

Weekend Recap


Last weekend we were back in ole Virginny celebrating my great friend Stevie’s wedding weekend! Yours truly designed her symbol and wedding invitation, which both turned out great (if I do say so myself!). Most importantly, she loved the symbol and invitations!

Friday, after Seals in the morning, the luncheon was at the Hard Shell. Mary was the hostess with the most-est that morning – everything looked beautiful and the food was delish! Stevie looked so beautiful – very calm and together, which I loved seeing! And it was great to meet a bunch of her BFFs that I had just heard about. Lots of aunts and grannies were there as well. (click photo for larger image)


Later that night was the rehearsal dinner at the 2300 Club up in Church Hill and then the post rehearsal dinner party at Stevie and Ty’s place (which was just a few blocks away) – complete with kareoke! Boom wasn’t able to fly in until late Friday night, so I was without my pair for all the festivities. Not fun, but helped me to appreciate having him around that much more!

Lots of toasts were made at dinner – and, like at Kandy A’s rehearsal dinner, I wish I had prepared a little something to say about the Guv’nor (aka Stevie), who has that nickname b/c she knows everyone in Richmond! Anyway, she is one of the most charismatic, big hearted, fun, friendly, open person I know! She totally rocks. Lots of fun – people were getting into the kareoke! Pregnant ladies were dancing all about! Husbands of she-priestess were singing duets! Just what I would have expected at Stevie and Ty’s rehearsal dinner! A great time was had by all…


Boom got in just fine on Friday night – boy was it nice to see him! He had been out of town since Tuesday, so hadn’t had much together time. Saturday morning was the Richmond Marathon. We went to watch some of it with Gretty and Cubs. Where we were standing at Mile 4 was quite interesting as there was a Christian rock band playing loud music right behind us. Some of the lyrics were a bit graphic and kinda odd – Cubs agreed, and she is a church go-er, so it is not just my heathen ways.

Anyway, I saw my friend Elizabeth, a juggling runner, and lots of Seal peeps, namely Chuckles and Kandy A! Incidentally, Kandy A had been on the course at 3am (!!!) putting up signage. And then she was a pacer for 4:15, but by the time we saw her at mile 18, she had none of her pacees around her! Oh well, she was still on course, so that is all that can be done.


Saturday night was the wedding and reception! Fun times! Stevie had her mom’s wedding dress remade into her dress – and it was so lovely! She looked absolutely beautiful! I sneaked down to where the bridal party was getting ready – and was so glad that I did! My job as a greeter was perfect – I loved getting to see everyone! (Tho one of our friends was all, I didn’t know you’d be back in town! And I was kinda surprised since Stevie and I are good friends, but oh well.)

Stevie and her priestess are really close, so the homily was so great! It was all about how Stevie and Ty met on MATCH!!! There was a full Episcopalian Mass, which is kinda neat. Boom went and got communion, I went up there, but just got blessed. I like all the traditions and rituals that go along with organized religions like Catholicism and the Episcopal church, but I digress.

The reception was in a big old house in Ginter Park that had been converted into a rec center of sorts. It was cool b/c there were 2 stories and the top was just totally open – the bottom had a few really big rooms, and it was just quite neat.


I am proud to say I got the party started with the “photo room” – I love pics of any and all types! So of course I forced Poindexter to take some snaps with me, then we rounded people up, and everyone was getting into it! Fun times!


Their cake was the tres leches cake from KubaKuba – so yummy! There was a little snafu – the caterer kinda ran out of food! This was a fellow St. James’er that Stevie used, and it was her first wedding! Luckily Stevie and Ty aren’t the types to totally freak out – they solved the issue by ordering 20 pizzas! and man, those pizzas were yummy!

Stevie and her crew did a great job decorating – and their love symbol (as they like to refer to it) took center stage, so to speak! She and her mom even cut a large stencil of the symbol and painted it onto a flag! Loved that idea – so Martha! Everyone had a great time – and I loved seeing Stevie so so happy! She was just radiant!


As all good things have to come to an end, our trip to the RIC had to end at some point. On Sunday, we went over to Sam and Josh’s new house (so cute!) and got to hang out with Kathy and Mike and Jojo and Jems. Was really great to see them all – just wish I had had more time to see them during the weekend!


And, I don’t know when we’ll be back up! So that is just so sad. (On a bright note, Warren is coming down the weekend of Houston Marathon and will be running the 5k, as will I. So we do have a Ric guest to look forward to!). I am sure I will make it up there again, just not sure when. I do miss all of our friends, but I guess that is just part of moving away. Making new friends just takes time, and we have been doing a good job of it. So things are pretty good – can’t complain!

Another celebrity…

Not quite as famous as Martha, but who is?!

Anyway, this past Saturday Yarbs and I went shopping.  I wanted to purch a new dress for my friends wedding this weekend – and found 2 that I LOVED – but, of course, they did not have my size.  Ugh, just hate that.

We went to Nordstrom, and who was there but Dr. Rey (from the plastic surgery reality show “Dr. 90210”:


He looked and sounded just like he does on TV – very tan!  He was busy hawing his own line of skincare.  Seemed a bit odd to me that he was wearing white pants in November, but I guess he comes from southern Cal where it is warm all the time.

Highly random, and amusing.  But even better than seeing Dr. Rey was getting to hang out with Yarbs – it had been a long time!

More Martha Book Signing

03-me-in-line-with-a-book-for-ting-and-one-for-me Here’s My Pal Al with our books – waiting in line…

01-the-line-outside-wrapped-around Look at the line!  Martha is loved by so many!!!

img_6979 Oh, the anticipation…

09-ms-signing-other-peoples-books There she is!  Looking exactly like she does on TV and in her magazine.

img_6982 And here’s Al!!! Meeting Martha!!!  So exciting!!!  And Al said she was very nice and wished her well on her new marriage.

So glad Al was able to go so that I could live vicariously through her photos!



My Pal Al was really a great pal today – she waiting in line for nearly 2 hours to get Martha sign a cookbook for me (and she got one for herself)!

Last night I emailed her to see if she might be able to go see Martha for me (MS was in Dallas, not Houston) –  I like to give lots of notice when I ask my friends to do ridiculous favors for me 😉  But she knows how much I *heart* Martha, and was really such a great pal!  THANKS AL!!!!

I really wanted her to personalize my book to read:

To my best friend, Ting.  Love, Martha Stewart


To my BFF, Ting.  Love, Martha Stewart

Other acceptable phrases:

To another creative genius, Ting.  Love, Martha Stewart


Get cooking, Ting!  Love, Martha Stewart

Unfort, Martha was not personalizing her signatures. But I am just so excited to have a signed book!!


Friday night we went to Del Friscos – a popular steak house here in H-town. It was the 3rd restaurant I ate at this week, and also the 3rd restaurant where I valeted my car! Valet parking is very popular here – you can valet at nearly all restaurants as well as at the Galleria! Very odd, and somewhat annoying – always have to make sure I have a few dollars on me.

Anyway, the restaurant was not too bad – better if you are a carnivore, I bet. And oddly enough, most of the side veggies had pork (bacon or ham) in them. Blah – why would you need pork in your potatotes or spinach if you are eating a huge steak?! Anyway, I had the ceaser salad – pretty good, lots of dressing, stuffed flounder – stuffed with cheese and shitake mushrooms.

I had been looking forward to a lobster tail, but luckily I was paying attention when our (overly animated an hyper) server mentioned that she had 22 and 26 pound lobsters, and that the price per pound started at one hundred and blah blah blah. Seriously?! Who would pay $2200 for a lobster tail?! Ri-donk-ulous!!!

After din, we headed over the LB’s house for her rescheduled bday celebration (her original bday party was foiled by hurricane Ike) – she is just so cute! so are her friends – especially her roomie and BFF, C-line. They were really cute together – they have known each other for so long, it was like watching sisters together. and their mannerism were even very similar! I met a couple of her brothers, who were adorable.


LB looks so cute – too bad my numerous chins are showing off. And the piece de resistance – a 2 man mariache band!


Fun times!  (But Boom and I couldn’t have too good of a time, as we had a long run on Saturday morning)

Land of 10,000 Restaurants

Already this week, I’ve been able to try two new restaurants – Dolce Vita and Indika. Very different, but both highly regarded in H-town, where restaurants stretch as far as the eye can see.

Tuesday night I met Jen, my friend from H-town Seals, at Dolce Vita. I hadn’t seen Jen since September, so I was really excited to catch up with her. She is also a crazy traveler – for work and pleasure, so finding a time when she is physically in Houston was quite a challenge. Anyway, she made a few suggestions, and Dolce Vita was one of them.

I had hear so many good things about it (“It is my favorite restaurant ever!” etc) that I was apprehensive that I would be disappointed, or that it just wouldn’t be able to live up to it’s hype. I started with the arugula salad. It was big! and arugula is so peppery that I definitely couldn’t eat the whole thing. Then I had the margherita pizza – it was quite tasty, but I kinda felt like it could have used a bit more cheese on top. And then we shared the baked berry thing a la mode.

And everything was good – but I wasn’t as blown away by it as some are. I guess pizzas seem kinda simple – so not too difficult to make a good one. We also split a bottle of vino – which accounted for not feeling so hot on Wednesday. It was such a nice night and we were able to sit outside – so that was a major plus. [The weather these days is great! I really love that is it cool, but not cold. I wouldn’t mind if it got a little bit colder, so maybe in the next few months…]

It was great to see Jen. She is a talker! I really like her and hope that we can get to know each other better. She is literally traveling all the time. In Oct, she was in H-town for 2 or 3 days total! Next Friday she is off to Peru (I am jealous!) to hike Manchu Picchu and then explore the rest of Peru – for 2 weeks! Fun times!


On Wednesday, I met Linsay at Indika for dinner (incidentally, Dolce Vita and Indika are on the same block!). This place is also highly rated, but I hadn’t hear too many people talk about it. (Another friend, Lori, did say it is a great place for veggies, so I wanted to try it.)

I got the Vegetarian sampler – it was small samplings of some of their veggie dishes. Pumpkin soup, mashed sweet potatoes, a “meat”ball type thing, a corn and spinach samosa (spicy!), and a couple other items. Almost everything I really loved – the goat cheese stuffed dates were the only items I did not enjoy. Everything was so flavorful! And not curry, but spices and just general tastiness. I love when places make veggie dishes as yummy as meat ones.  And of course the naan – it was a little crispier than I would have liked, but delish none the less.

Was really great to catch up with Linsay – she is dating J, a friend of a couple friends in RIC, which is how we got hooked up with them to begin with. She is so cute! She and J just got back from London – and had a great time. They are planning a trip to Panama in Jan – how cool is that?! J’s also remodeling his home – I am hoping it is done by New Year’s Eve so they can throw a party! Anyway, I really like Linsay and J – hope to be able to get to know them better as well (seems like we are always out of town when they invite us to do stuff!).

Tomorrow we are going to Del Frisco’s on a work-related dinner for Boom. Should be interesting – as it is a steak house. I guess I can have some lobster! And it is a mini-chain – looks like there are 7 of them in the nation. Will review that when I get a chance!