Had a great time – it is always fun to dress up! We had some folks over around 730pm to help pass out candy to the kiddies:

“Reggie” and her trainer!

A geisha and her ninja!

It was really fun wearing a wig! And because Boom’s was so over the top, I basically looked normal, even though mine was hot pink! We even cut a tuft of hair off Boom’s ‘fro and taped it to his chest! HI-larious!!! Our grapes getting squeezed was clearly the main downside of wearing wigs. Such relief when we took them off!

Then we headed off to Sammy’s to see…

and they were HI-larious! So fun and random and silly! Most of them had hair like Booms. And they were choreographed, too! As per the usual, I love it when people can make fun of themselves and not take themselves too seriously – and they fit the bill perfectly (read “Our Story” on their website)!

The best costumes we saw there were:

Michael Phelps – bold, since the guy was just wearing a swim cap, “gold” medals around his neck and leggings! And he didn’t have the body so MP, so even more bold! and his little buddy was dressed up as a male gymnast in a wife beater and teeny red shorts, was perfect b/c he is a wee one himself.

Care Bears – there was a gaggle of peeps (boys and girls) that were dressed up as different Care Bears. I loved it – thought it was so cute (and not slutty, which is what most of the ladies there were going for).

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf – cute couple costume. Made even better b/c the guy was really tall and big! so he was quite scary as the Big Bad Wolf.

Unfort, due to being thoroughly exhausted from a bear of a week, and needing to run in the double digits of miles (well, I only ran 9 – Boom ran 17!) the next morning, we didn’t stay until all hours or drink too much, which is likely more the norm for that band. But it did help to make for a more pleasant day on Saturday, which was awesome.

Anyway, a great time was had by all – I like that most people in H-town were dressed up! Fun times!


2 responses to “Halloween!

  1. Boom looks a little too natural in that wig and shirt 😉

  2. Y’all look so cute!! I love Halloween….

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