Land of 10,000 Restaurants

Already this week, I’ve been able to try two new restaurants – Dolce Vita and Indika. Very different, but both highly regarded in H-town, where restaurants stretch as far as the eye can see.

Tuesday night I met Jen, my friend from H-town Seals, at Dolce Vita. I hadn’t seen Jen since September, so I was really excited to catch up with her. She is also a crazy traveler – for work and pleasure, so finding a time when she is physically in Houston was quite a challenge. Anyway, she made a few suggestions, and Dolce Vita was one of them.

I had hear so many good things about it (“It is my favorite restaurant ever!” etc) that I was apprehensive that I would be disappointed, or that it just wouldn’t be able to live up to it’s hype. I started with the arugula salad. It was big! and arugula is so peppery that I definitely couldn’t eat the whole thing. Then I had the margherita pizza – it was quite tasty, but I kinda felt like it could have used a bit more cheese on top. And then we shared the baked berry thing a la mode.

And everything was good – but I wasn’t as blown away by it as some are. I guess pizzas seem kinda simple – so not too difficult to make a good one. We also split a bottle of vino – which accounted for not feeling so hot on Wednesday. It was such a nice night and we were able to sit outside – so that was a major plus. [The weather these days is great! I really love that is it cool, but not cold. I wouldn’t mind if it got a little bit colder, so maybe in the next few months…]

It was great to see Jen. She is a talker! I really like her and hope that we can get to know each other better. She is literally traveling all the time. In Oct, she was in H-town for 2 or 3 days total! Next Friday she is off to Peru (I am jealous!) to hike Manchu Picchu and then explore the rest of Peru – for 2 weeks! Fun times!


On Wednesday, I met Linsay at Indika for dinner (incidentally, Dolce Vita and Indika are on the same block!). This place is also highly rated, but I hadn’t hear too many people talk about it. (Another friend, Lori, did say it is a great place for veggies, so I wanted to try it.)

I got the Vegetarian sampler – it was small samplings of some of their veggie dishes. Pumpkin soup, mashed sweet potatoes, a “meat”ball type thing, a corn and spinach samosa (spicy!), and a couple other items. Almost everything I really loved – the goat cheese stuffed dates were the only items I did not enjoy. Everything was so flavorful! And not curry, but spices and just general tastiness. I love when places make veggie dishes as yummy as meat ones.  And of course the naan – it was a little crispier than I would have liked, but delish none the less.

Was really great to catch up with Linsay – she is dating J, a friend of a couple friends in RIC, which is how we got hooked up with them to begin with. She is so cute! She and J just got back from London – and had a great time. They are planning a trip to Panama in Jan – how cool is that?! J’s also remodeling his home – I am hoping it is done by New Year’s Eve so they can throw a party! Anyway, I really like Linsay and J – hope to be able to get to know them better as well (seems like we are always out of town when they invite us to do stuff!).

Tomorrow we are going to Del Frisco’s on a work-related dinner for Boom. Should be interesting – as it is a steak house. I guess I can have some lobster! And it is a mini-chain – looks like there are 7 of them in the nation. Will review that when I get a chance!


2 responses to “Land of 10,000 Restaurants

  1. Excellent update. On the Boom front I will add that on the nights Ting went out to dinner Ruby and I shared a can of baked beans that I cooked over an open flame under a 59 interstate overpass. Ruby probably go more than her fair share as she is better versed in the ways of the hobo. You ought to see that pup jump a moving train. It is poetry in motion.

  2. I enjoy both restaurants as well. Don’t go to Dolce Vita with a big group – the wait can be highly annoying!
    Can’t wait for some pancakes tomorrow morning 🙂

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