Friday night we went to Del Friscos – a popular steak house here in H-town. It was the 3rd restaurant I ate at this week, and also the 3rd restaurant where I valeted my car! Valet parking is very popular here – you can valet at nearly all restaurants as well as at the Galleria! Very odd, and somewhat annoying – always have to make sure I have a few dollars on me.

Anyway, the restaurant was not too bad – better if you are a carnivore, I bet. And oddly enough, most of the side veggies had pork (bacon or ham) in them. Blah – why would you need pork in your potatotes or spinach if you are eating a huge steak?! Anyway, I had the ceaser salad – pretty good, lots of dressing, stuffed flounder – stuffed with cheese and shitake mushrooms.

I had been looking forward to a lobster tail, but luckily I was paying attention when our (overly animated an hyper) server mentioned that she had 22 and 26 pound lobsters, and that the price per pound started at one hundred and blah blah blah. Seriously?! Who would pay $2200 for a lobster tail?! Ri-donk-ulous!!!

After din, we headed over the LB’s house for her rescheduled bday celebration (her original bday party was foiled by hurricane Ike) – she is just so cute! so are her friends – especially her roomie and BFF, C-line. They were really cute together – they have known each other for so long, it was like watching sisters together. and their mannerism were even very similar! I met a couple of her brothers, who were adorable.


LB looks so cute – too bad my numerous chins are showing off. And the piece de resistance – a 2 man mariache band!


Fun times!  (But Boom and I couldn’t have too good of a time, as we had a long run on Saturday morning)


2 responses to “Friday

  1. Cute photo! Tell Holly I said “hi!”

  2. 22 and 26 pound lobsters – whaaat?!! that would be huge, wouldn’t it?! :O

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