My Pal Al was really a great pal today – she waiting in line for nearly 2 hours to get Martha sign a cookbook for me (and she got one for herself)!

Last night I emailed her to see if she might be able to go see Martha for me (MS was in Dallas, not Houston) –  I like to give lots of notice when I ask my friends to do ridiculous favors for me 😉  But she knows how much I *heart* Martha, and was really such a great pal!  THANKS AL!!!!

I really wanted her to personalize my book to read:

To my best friend, Ting.  Love, Martha Stewart


To my BFF, Ting.  Love, Martha Stewart

Other acceptable phrases:

To another creative genius, Ting.  Love, Martha Stewart


Get cooking, Ting!  Love, Martha Stewart

Unfort, Martha was not personalizing her signatures. But I am just so excited to have a signed book!!


2 responses to “MARTHA!!!

  1. Sorry I am just now catching up on your blog! I was happy to do it for you – I know you would do the same thing for me, and I ended up being quite excited to meet her! Your book should be there tomorrow!!


  2. Book was received and was thumbed through last night by Tingaling in great depth.

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